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2020 Global Handset Market by Region & Its Impact on Future Forensics Investigations

Cellebrite is continuously monitoring, learning, and analyzing the global mobile-device market to better forecast planned capabilities, and implement the necessary technologies to help you, the forensic examiner and investigator, penetrate the device and access the evidence you need. This report explores the top selling smartphones by region in Q4-2019 and Q1-2020 based on insights from Counterpoint Research.

Here’s a quick snapshot:

  • Apple and Samsung handset models dominate the top 10 selling phones in North America, Europe and Australia. Samsung and Motorola devices are extremely popular in LATAM. Asia shows a wide diversity in handset vendors.
  • Apple’s iPhone 11 family and XR lead the top 10 followed by Samsung’s mid-range A series in North America.
  • When analyzing chipset distribution, Exynos leads with 26% followed by Qualcomm (14%), Kirin (Huawei) (10%), and MediaTek (9%), IN Europe.
  • When analyzing APAC, the number of top-selling mobile handset devices is equally distributed among multiple mobile vendors.