The Forensic 4:cast Awards nominations are underway and Cellebrite would be honored to have your support in our selected categories.  Over the past year, we’ve been developing and launching key capabilities to enhance our digital intelligence platform that empowers law enforcement to lawfully access encrypted devices, minimize the manual review of digital data to solve more cases.

This year, Cellebrite is in the running to be nominated in four categories:

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  1. The first Samsung Exynos Physical Bypass solution using a unique decrypting bootloader capability was released in Cellebrite UFED 7.15. To date, Cellebrite is the only vendor to provide a holistic solution to access and collect data from Samsung devices.

  2. With the release of the Selective Dat Collection feature, fast and focused extractions from one or more applications are now possible and drastically speed up decision-making in the field or interrogation room.

  3. In January, Cellebrite UFED Cloud 7.6 delivered extended support for Drones and first-time access to the Zello app.

Take a look at some of the other recent innovations, including our Top 4 Digital Forensics Innovations of 2018.

Along with our innovations, we’ve developed best-of-breed digital intelligenec training which has become an essential program for many Law Enforcement agencies throughout the world.

Real-Life Examples of Our Solutions Helping Law Enforcement

In the UK, Cellebrite Advanced Services provided access to incriminating video evidence that put a man behind bars for a brutal attack. Check out the case study here.

Call detail records, photos, and cell tower logs were used against a former South African Olympic athlete who was contracted to orchestrate a homicide. Check out the case study here.

Digital data helped take down a Thai General in the country’s largest human trafficking case. Check out the case study here.

We look forward to our continued partnership with law enforcement by supporting their efforts with more innovative and cutting-edge capabilities that empower the DFIR community to create a safer world!

Thank you for your support for the prestigious Forensic 4:cast Awards.

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