Special guest: Kevin Ripa – President and CEO of The Grayson Group and SANS Certified Instructor

In this episode, Kevin will use his webcam to introduce you to his lab that features tools for data recovery. Then, he will do a screen share to show you some of the data recovery programs he uses.

The first thing he will show is the full forensic rig he keeps in an ordinary Pelican case. Because he does a lot of onsite criminal investigations, it’s very common for him to be in a federal building analyzing data because copies of the data are not released outside of their offices.

How he gets this case through airport security is another story he shares.

The case features:

  • A power supply
  • 64GB RAM
  • 10 Core processor
  • Solid State Boot Drive
  • A versatile array of connectors for all connection possibilities
  • USB3 Power Hub
  • And more

You will also view a design-aire clean station as opposed to a clean room, which is not usually financially viable in this type of lab. The clean station is where a patient drive is placed in a non-static bin, and a donor drive also placed to be used for parts, as needed.

Watch the podcast to view the entire lab.

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