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Academic Partnership Program

We partner with leading academic institutions to promote digital forensics educational excellence.

Prepare Aspiring Forensic Professionals Entering the Field

Prepare Aspiring Forensic Professionals Entering the Field

The Cellebrite Academic Partnership Program (CAPP) is a strategic partnership between Cellebrite and leading academic institutions to promote excellence in digital forensics. This prestigious course is designed to enrich university curriculums with innovative, best-in-class technology and expertise. Graduates are equipped with critical skills they can put to immediate use, backed by industry-leading certification.

Designed with the mobile forensic professional in mind, the program provides a standardized framework for students to access cutting-edge technologies and hands-on training techniques to enhance their job performance.

Program Elements

From showing students how to get the most out of their mobile forensics tools, to educating them about testifying on digital mobile evidence in court, Cellebrite’s Academic Partnership Program prepares students for the full range of mobile forensics responsibilities. The program consists of three fundamental elements:

  • In-Depth Training For Faculty

    Cellebrite delivers standardized and certified forensic training for faculty members to become proficient with Cellebrite technologies and applications. Cellebrite’s highly experienced digital forensics experts deliver in-depth, real-world industry knowledge to help course instructors build the unique skillsets required to overcome today’s toughest digital forensics challenges.
  • Up-to-Date Curriculum

    The curriculum delivers the knowledge required for evidence collection from mobile phones and portable internet-connected devices for advanced data analysis and reporting. This ensures that students enter the courtroom confident and prepared to answer the questions about evidence they recovered.
  • Instructor-Led Training For Students

    Instructors train students towards the Cellebrite Certified Operator (CCO) and Cellebrite Certified Physical Analyst (CCPA) accreditations. This provides students with an intense exposure to the Cellebrite Universal Forensic Extraction Device (UFED) Physical Analyzer software, as well as all of the core competencies associated with the examination of mobile devices using Cellebrite’s tools and methodologies.
  • Industry-Leading Tools

    Recognized worldwide as the professional standard in mobile forensics, Cellebrite provides access to its widely deployed technology solutions, allowing students to develop skills and proficiency using each tool. Practical use cases and repeated hands-on training prepares students to professionally handle a seized device in a forensically sound manner.
  • Advancing the Industry

    Cellebrite advances the digital forensics profession by fostering the development of future practitioners. Beyond comprehensive tools and training, our program provides ongoing guidance from industry experts and support for student development through participation in research projects and access to additional tools and licenses.
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Preparing Next-Generation Digital Forensics Professionals

Cellebrite is committed to nurturing and advancing the digital forensics profession by driving awareness of its critical concepts, tools, and best practices. The Cellebrite Academic Partnership Program:

  • Promotes the growing importance of digital forensics within public safety and intelligence operations and strengthens knowledge of the underlying principles of digital forensics.
  • Instills best practices for securing, extracting, decoding, analyzing, and reporting on digital mobile evidence.
  • Validates a student’s technical knowledge, proficiency, and competency through formalized certification.

Frequently Asked Questions

The program is open to accredited and not-for-profit, university-level institutes worldwide. An accredited institute is one that is publicly or privately funded and can be defined as: A university or college that offers education leading to nationally recognized qualifications, or levels of academic achievement, and that is accredited by a regional or national accrediting council, commission, appropriate government agency, or board of education of the state or country in which the educational institution is located. Furthermore, to qualify, the institute may not be part of a law enforcement organization or other similar government agency or provide services to any external entity whether for a fee or for free using the products provided in this program. Cellebrite reserves the right to make the final judgment on whether an institution qualifies for the program or not. .

Cellebrite academic content is built around its industry-leading CCO and CCPA courses. These courses are to be taught to students in their 2nd year (or higher), or to students qualifying for a pre-agreed minimum criterion.

The Cellebrite Academic Partnership Program provides students access to leading tools, knowledge and processes used by law enforcement for digital forensics. The products provided in this program are identical to commercially available products and contain the same full feature-set and capabilities. The Cellebrite Academic Partnership Program provides all products with educational license restrictions on their use for educational purposes only, on a non-commercial basis.

By joining the Cellebrite Academic Partnership Program, qualified institutions benefit from a unique opportunity to enhance their academic curriculum and provide their students with industry-relevant knowledge and an opportunity to obtain a world-renowned professional certification. The program provides qualified institutions with access to leading technology used by law enforcement and digital forensics professionals in the form of digital solutions. Additionally, educational content and a syllabus is provided. Upon successful completion, students will be given the opportunity to become a Cellebrite Certified Operator (CCO) and Cellebrite Certified Physical Analyst (CCPA). In addition, students can apply for Cellebrite Research Projects Support to obtain further tools and products to assist with their educational research projects.

Any academic institution that meets the eligibility criteria may apply to become an Academic Partner Institute, by submitting the online form. Each application is reviewed and the Cellebrite team will respond with the next steps.

After reviewing of each institution’s application, Cellebrite will provide the necessary documents and instructions. Qualified institutions will be provided with guidance on how the provided products and training materials should be used. They will also be asked to sign an agreement that governs their use. Upon acceptance of all signed documents, Cellebrite will deliver the products and licenses, and allow the assigned program leader to register for Cellebrite training.

Cellebrite Global Academic Partnership Program

Empower your students with affordable access to best-in-class mobile forensics technology and training expertise that will prepare them to successfully navigate a dynamic digital forensics field and contribute to a safer society.