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Let Us Help You With An Active Case

Cellebrite's Analytics solution can uncover clues, connections and new information from digital data that can’t be found by traditional review processes. If you have an active, open case that includes data extracted from a mobile phone, we can help.

For a limited time, we are offering a no-cost program providing Law Enforcement personnel with access to Cellebrite's Analytics software and personalized, hands-on training with a Cellebrite certified expert as well as technical support to help guide you throughout the process.

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See how we can solve Human Trafficking, Homicide or Crimes Against Children Cases

Human Trafficking Media Categorization

Mobile devices contain a significant amount of information and finding images to identify relevant locations can be critical to tracing a trafficker’s path. The average person stores 10,000 images on their phone making it easy to miss critical evidence. Cellebrite has built a powerful image-based machine learning tool allowing you to create your own search criteria based on similar images.

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Homicide Connections

Establishing connections between suspects and victims is the key element to building a complete timeline. Identifying connections, overlaying geolocation and incorporating call data records (CDR) is critical to pinpointing changes in patterns or common locations. Cellebrite Analytics maps all digital data sources in a visually compelling presentation for the investigator, prosecutor or the jury.

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Crimes Against Children Multimedia Recognition

Analyzing hours of video and images to identify relevant suspect/victim interactions can take an investigator weeks to comb through. Cellebrite can scan through hours of DVR or mobile video to quickly identify relevant individuals, even if the footage is spliced between another video.

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Find critical evidence faster. Accelerate your investigations.

Solve your active cases. Seek justice for the victims.