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Cellebrite Advanced Services Brazil

The Cellebrite Lab in Brazil is here to help with all your mobile forensic needs. Featuring Advanced Access and Collection Services to provide law enforcement agencies with the cutting-edge technology directly from Cellebrite Security Research.

Cellebrite’s Advanced Services is an extension of your current capabilities:

• Reduce your current Backlog
• Access and Unlock data from the most advanced mobile devices

World-class Services

  • analyze

    Advanced Unlocking

    Overcome complex locks on the latest Apple iOS and Google Android devices with our exclusive unlocking capabilities.

  • access-ti

    Advanced Extraction

    Overcome sophisticated encryption challenges with our market-leading collection capabilities.

  • accelerate-tte


    Recover valuable evidence from heavily damaged devices, challenging applications and unknown data formats.

  • police-st


    Solve complex operational or procedural challenges and optimize the impact of digital forensic data agency-wide with our highly experienced and certified experts.