Special Guest: Josh Hickman, Senior Associate at Kroll

In this episode Josh Hickman from Kroll will provide public Android images for us to use for research, validation, and demos. He also previously provided an Android image and is working on an iPhone image. Additionally in this episode, we provide Josh with a wish list of activities, apps, and other items we need to see on the iPhone for our research efforts.

Over the past year, Josh has released quite a few Android images. He also noticed that iOS was not getting as much attention and thereby decided to create an iOS image for public consumption.

Although most of the apps that appear in the Android image will also appear in the iOS version, there are also a few iOS-specific things that will appear as well. Apple Watch, Home Pod, and a couple of sets of AirPods are examples.

Listen to the full episode to hear more about Android and iOS images with apps and test data. The episode also includes a full Q&A session and a chance to hear about new ideas that may be incorporated in the future.

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