baypath universityWhen a partner comments your software ‘performed like a champ’ you know you are offering the forensic community the world’s leading technology. The fact this partner, Bay Path University, is educating the next generation of digital forensic investigators, adds even more to the endorsement.
Universities bring tremendous value to the forensic community, and BlackBag Technologies helps support educational establishments and courses like those offered by Bay Path University.

Universities can benefit from the full suite of our software, including Inspector and Digital Collector with these products being invaluable components of cyber and cybersecurity courses. Take Inspector, for example, an innovative forensic technology that quickly enables investigators to analyze computer volumes and mobile devices.

Jim Scripture, Assistant Professor, Cybersecurity Management/Digital Forensics at Bay Path University commented “Inspector has proven to be a robust forensic tool and is very easy to use. Its intuitive design means less time teaching students how to use the software and more time spent on digital forensic and cyber concepts. Bay Path University has enjoyed success with Inspector as a Macintosh and Windows forensic tool. It was surprisingly efficient at parsing RAM images (Windows) and it did a great job parsing the Windows registry.”

Inspector sheds light on user actions and includes analysis of memory images. The software allows for easy searching, filtering, and otherwise sifting through large data sets. It can logically acquire Android and iPhone/iPad devices running on Windows and Mac OS X and can analyze data from all four major platforms within one interface. Jim Scripture continued “Inspector was by far the most efficient software that we have used for parsing RAM images.  We also used Inspector for Windows Registry File analysis and it performed like a champ.”

In addition to Inspector, Digital Collector is the trusted forensic solution that runs within a native OS X boot environment. The advanced imaging processes of Digital Collector provide examiners with the software to acquire live data (including RAM) or forensically image over 200 different Apple computers.

Digital Collector has the ability to format and write to NTFS destination drives, offers enhanced Apple File System support, including unlocking APFS FileVault 2 encryption, has the ability to capture RAM and targeted collections live on High Sierra, and is capable of creating a logical container for data collections with the output written to a sparse disk image.

Bay Path University’s digital forensic program is part of its cybersecurity program, which consists of two major courses of study: Information Assurance and Digital Forensics.  The cybersecurity program also utilizes our Digital Collector software to image Macintosh drives that consist of Core Storage hybrid SATA/SSD hard drives.

Discussing the university’s further use of BlackBag’s software, Jim Scripture commented “A most pleasant surprise has been the ability to remotely acquire/process devices over the Internet.  We are a small all-women school and this has allowed us to essentially operate a virtual forensic lab that affords students the ability to conduct forensic examinations from almost anywhere and, at a time that is personally convenient for them. 

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) is currently a hot topic in academia, especially for women.  Running the forensic software on a university server using network licensing is much more efficient and less costly than physically creating a cybersecurity lab.”

A Bay Path University education empowers undergraduate women and graduate women and men to become leaders in their careers and communities with an innovative approach to learning that prepares students to flourish in a constantly changing world.

Our software is used by hundreds of federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies around the world for criminal investigations, as well as leading corporations and consultants handling HR investigations and eDiscovery matters. The use of BlackBag Technologies’ software by so many agencies globally is a key ingredient when newly qualified digital forensic graduates first embark on their careers in an ever-changing digital forensic landscape.

BlackBag Technologies fully appreciates the value colleges and universities bring to the forensic community in educating the next generation of investigators. To support this, we proudly announce the launch of the BlackBag Technologies Educational Program.

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