Special Guests: Paul Lorentz, Ronen Engler, and Danny Garcia

In this episode, we are joined by Paul Lorentz, Ronen Engler, Danny Garcia, and Matt Goeckel to discuss Cellebrite’s upcoming Capture the Flag (CTF) event. This event is a way to test your skills and to escape the mentality of the mundane, everyday work, and learn new things that will help you in future investigations. There will be four devices, one case, a lot of questions, and a challenge. It is fitting for both professional examiners and those who are new and learning.

A blog post has been uploaded with all the information needed to register and prepare for the event. It also describes in more detail exactly what you will be doing and contains the four download links for the extractions. Even if you do not have access to Cellebrite Physical Analyzer, it is possible to obtain a temporary license just for this event.

CTF will run from October 26th to October 29th. This event is meant for everyone and has easy, medium, and advanced questions. Registration can be done online and you have the option to create a team of up to three people or you can participate alone.

If you have any questions regarding the CTF event, listen to the full podcast and feel free to contact CTF@cellebrite.com

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