A recent article published in The Guardian, a leading national newspaper in the UK, highlighted a critical dilemma facing UK police forces.  The failure by UK police to disclose crucial digital evidence leading to the collapse of a series of rape trials served to turn public attention to a critical issue.

Police were faced with the conflict of managing a dramatic increase in data volume generated by phones and laptops in even routine crime cases with the equally important need to speed investigations to comply with the 28-day bail limit requiring decisions be made in no longer than a month.

It then became critical for law enforcement to find a way to analyze more data in less time and with a reduced workforce.  Failure to address this would surely result in more backlog, and more cold cases due to the lack of time and digital evidence.

This drove them to seek out an AI solution that would enable them to solve a seemingly impossible problem: Cellebrite Pathfinder.

The Guardian article goes on to illustrate how Cellebrite Pathfinder enabled UK police to access and analyze necessary digital evidence to exonerate or incriminate suspects, and minimize the possibility of being unaware of or failing to disclose key digital evidence. 

The Cellebrite solution, with its AI and machine-learning algorithms, also helped police more quickly pinpoint key digital evidence and satisfy the need for timely public disclosure and the bail limit regulation. 

Here are 5 ways Cellebrite Pathfinder can benefit your investigation:

Get a big picture view

Machine learning algorithms automatically detect previously unknown images and video clips related to key categories, such as child exploitation, weapons, money, drugs, nudity and more to immediately pinpoint similar items such as faces, objects, symbols or themes saving precious time.

View data in a unified way

Store, index and unify all mobile, cloud, computer, drone and telco data in a centralized digital forensics library to minimize needing disparate tools. Easily search across historical and current data from multiple cases and sources.  

Eliminate manual analysis

Reduce time-consuming correlation and analysis of digital data with purpose-built analytical engines to automatically sort, analyze and cross-reference all data sources, and provide immediate context to narrow your focus to the most relevant evidence.

Share findings across the team

Intuitive filters enable you to identify, collaborate and share critical case data across departments in real time with unique color codes for each device owner; etc.

Create compelling, easy to understand case reports

Capture, organize and produce intuitive case reports that can be shared with peers or effectively presented in court.

Learn more about Cellebrite Pathfinder or talk to an expert.

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