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Unlimited Unlocks, Insights and Innovation for iOS and Android Devices

Now available on-premise or as a service to supplement your lab.

Cellebrite provides the only solution designed to unlock iOS and high-end Android devices with competitively priced subscription-based packages built to meet the needs of your agency.

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The Cellebrite Advantage


A History of Innovation

We’ve introduced more industry-first capabilities than all other digital forensic solutions combined. With over 20 years of continual innovation, Cellebrite is the only choice for law enforcement.

We’re committed to helping you solve your most challenging cases.


The Best and the Brightest

With over 350 world class engineers, we ensure that you are never left in the dark. We understand that technology changes quickly and that you need the right team to help you accelerate your investigations.

With us, you’re never on your own.


The Digital Intelligence Platform

Cellebrite offers the only end-to-end solution available on the market today. Whether accessing iOS or Android, we’re committed to helping you gain access to the most challenging devices.

From extraction to analysis of digital data, we’re with you every step of the way.

Start solving cases faster

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