As technology advances, Digital Intelligence (DI) is becoming increasingly critical to accelerating justice and solving crimes faster. One agency that continues to be a model for how cutting-edge technology solutions can move investigations forward is the Home Team Science and Technology Agency (HTX).

As an early DI adopter and a leading government organization dedicated to creating innovative policies that are transforming the homeland security landscape in Singapore, HTX has proven that harnessing the power of digital solutions is key to protecting and saving lives in the communities it serves.

This May, Cellebrite and HTX announced they have entered into a new two-year agreement that will focus on joint development activities to rapidly prototype, test, and advance technology solutions aimed at accelerating the pace of investigations.

HTX provides an array of solutions for homeland security efforts, and the agency’s innovative approach has delivered technological advancements that have helped solve cases involving terrorism, violent crime, and drug trafficking.

Singapore is known as one of the world’s safest cities and has built its reputation by having world-class digital infrastructure, healthcare, and personal security. HTX, a security arm of the Singaporean government, works with multiple entities and organizations, handles technology matters and Digital Intelligence, and has become one of the primary reasons Singapore is synonymous with safety.

“As Singapore’s reliance on Digital Intelligence grows, the ability for the country’s public safety officials to analyze digital evidence in a collaborative and timely manner has become critical to solving cases faster,” said Yossi Carmil, CEO of Cellebrite. “The knowledge sharing being established as part of this partnership will benefit both parties and further strengthen Cellebrite’s ability to aid customers in accelerating justice, protecting and saving lives, and preserving data privacy. We look forward to expanding our relationship with HTX.”

The partnership with Cellebrite, the global leader in Digital Intelligence solutions for the public and private sectors, is focused on supporting HTX’s long-term vision of creating innovative solutions to keep the citizens of Singapore safe while building on past successful collaboration to transform modern criminal investigations.

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