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Want more out of your Forensics Tools?

Cellebrite is proud to add BlackBag to our Digital Intelligence Platform. BlackBag provides clear differentiation in the computer forensics space and combined with Cellebrite’s UFED technology, helps to create one the most powerful DFIR solutions available on the market today. While many digital forensics companies are narrowly focused, we realize that critical case data can come from a multitude of different devices, this is what makes us your tool of choice.

Did you know that:

  • Inspector makes it easy to verify data that may have been removed from mobile devices from backups stored on their computer- the “Click to Add” feature extracts iTunes backups automatically in the background without user intervention….and it works.
  • Users can analyze the Windows registry with the native built-in views and easily view file content and detach and move views around.
  • Inspector provides support for full disk encryption products like BitLocker with the latest integration of Passware.
  • BlackBag continually adds support for tools in the examiner’s forensic toolkit – including integrations with Berla vehicle forensics and media review tools like Semantics 21 to name a few.
  • Inspector can easily be setup to run on both Mac or Windows and takes full advantage of the best aspects of each operating system.

Speak to one of our forensic experts to see how Inspector is the perfect complement to your DFIR suite of products.

Preserve the chain of custody

Make Cellebrite and BlackBag part of your investigative workflow with the only end-to-end computer and mobile forensics solution designed to surface critical evidence to solve your most complex cases.

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    Extract data from the most physical and cloud sources

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    Minimize the manual review of digital data

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    Govern the data throughout the investigative process

The Cellebrite Advantage


A History of Innovation

We’ve introduced more industry-first capabilities than all other digital forensic solutions combined. With over 40 years of continual innovation, Cellebrite and BlackBag are the only choice for law enforcement.

We’re committed to helping you solve your most challenging cases.


The Best and the Brightest

With over 400 world class engineers, we ensure that you are never left in the dark. We understand that technology changes quickly and that you need the right team to help you accelerate your investigations.

With us, you’re never on your own.


The Digital Intelligence Platform

Cellebrite and BlackBag offer the only end-to-end solution available on the market today. Whether accessing computer or mobile devices, we’re committed to helping you gain access to the most challenging devices.

From extraction to analysis of digital data, we’re with you every step of the way.

Start solving cases faster

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