Special Guests: Cellebrite CTF Team Members Danny Garcia, Paul Lorentz, and Ronen Engler

In this episode, we will be joined by Danny Garcia, Paul Lorentz, and Ronen Engler from Cellebrite’s Capture-The Flag (CTF) team. They will be explaining all of our characters in the CTF event and providing deeper insights into the tougher questions many people struggled with. They will also provide hints and detailed explanations about how the answers could have been found.

If you are following the Discord channel or Twitter, you will see the updates and blogs that John Bowman has written about each individual. He also breaks down the screenshots and how to solve each of the CTF questions.

Although many people want the CTF to be left open, we will not be doing that. We will, however, be creating a lot of write-ups where there will be test data that can be used going forward. We are also planning more CTF events in the future.

Ronen Engler will start off the explanations with his character, “Juan Mortyme-iPhone X,” as it was one of the most difficult extractions. He will go through some of the questions participants struggled with most, statistics, and how to get to the correct answer.

Listen to the full episode for a complete breakdown of all the most difficult questions from the CTF, how to get to the correct answers, and for updates about future CTF events.

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