Cellebrite Case Assist - Cellebrite
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Offload routine cases and ease backlogs with Cellebrite Case Assist

With digital investigation teams stretched thin, we understand your backlogs aren’t getting any smaller. To help tackle backlogs, our team of highly professional, certified digital forensics experts with years of court proven hands-on experience in supporting law enforcement are ready to help.

Case Assist services are delivered through our network of secure Cellebrite Forensics Labs (CBFLs) located around the world.

For more details about Cellebrite Case Assist please complete and submit the form.

7 steps to get your full forensic extraction and UFDR Reports

  • Getting Started

    Your sales rep will send you the required documentation. Once we receive it, we will then prepare your quote. Remember, there is a minimum of 10 devices per submission.
  • Approved? Yes!

    You will receive an email with the voucher list attached and instructions to submit the cases via the Advanced Services Portal.
  • Ready to extract?

    It’s time to open cases! Sign in (or register) to the Advanced Services Portal and enter the case information for each device.
  • Case Validation

    We’ll review the cases and make sure we can extract the devices. *Don’t send in the devices until you receive our confirmation. The devices won’t be accepted into the lab without it.
  • How To Ship

    Once your cases are confirmed, you’ll receive an email with CAS Work Orders and shipping instructions. If you are dropping them off, our team will contact you to schedule an appointment. *Print the CAS Work Orders and send/bring them together with the devices.
  • Case Updates

    You will receive notifications about every change in the case status via email. You can also log in to the portal at any time to actively monitor the progress of the cases, or you can get in touch with our CAS team.
  • Final Step

    When we’ve finished, we will send the devices back to you or arrange for pickup.