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cellebrite crypto tracer
Cellebrite Crypto solutions

Follow the Digital Money Trail

Every modern investigation must be armed with the latest tools and techniques for comprehensive cryptocurrency investigations. Cellebrite Crypto solutions empowers teams to reveal solid evidence on individuals who use Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for money laundering, terrorism, drug and human trafficking, weapon sales, and other crimes.

Fight Crimes that Use Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies

Visualize transactions to follow virtual money trails and reveal evidence on individuals who commit crimes.

cellebrite crypto tracer
  • Risk Scoring
    Profile hundreds of global exchanges, ATMs, mixers, money laundering systems, gambling services, and known criminal addresses and assign risk levels to transactions
  • Blockchain Search Engine
    Simply enter a cryptocurrency address or transaction ID into an intuitive search bar that will auto-complete long addresses
  • Deep Analysis on Potential Risks
    Non-technical users can visualize transaction flows to follow virtual money trails without becoming a cryptocurrency or blockchain expert
  • High-Quality Advanced Attribution
    Advanced analytics can be applied to cluster data points with an expansive attribution repository for a high-resolution view of the cryptocurrency transaction landscape
  • Massive Transaction Database
    Allows users to understand interactions with a powerful graph that traces the flow of funds over time and through the blockchain ecosystem
  • Integrated Case Management
    Gives investigators a convenient way to save research, replay searches, export investigation reports and collaborate with others involved in the investigation

Tackle Cybercrime the Cellebrite Way

Whether criminals are operating on the dark web or the internet, our solutions will help you trace and uncover transactions

Cellebrite Crypto Tracer Blockchain_Search_Graphic
  • CipherTrace Inspector
    The intuitive visual environment allows even non-technical agents and analysts to easily identify and trace criminals who attempt to use Bitcoin on the Internet to conceal their illicit activities
  • Cryptocurrency Investigation Services (CAS)
    Cellebrite certified forensics experts employ advanced techniques to expose illicit cryptocurrency activities by analyzing cryptocurrency artifacts and providing your investigative teams’ detailed documentation and insights via analyst-level reports
  • Cryptocurrency Investigation Training
    Get trained in best-practices of cryptocurrency investigation techniques. Learn how to obtain and analyze evidence on individuals using cryptocurrency for criminal activity

See the Full Picture

Cellebrite Crypto solutions enables investigators to aggregate and curate millions of open source and private references, deception data and human intelligence, resulting in a dataset of over 522 million attributable points. These data points, give investigators full visibility into the lifespan of a cryptocurrency transaction, including where the money originated and where it went, in both wallets and exchanges.

Graphic mapping and color-coded threat level transactions enhance the visualization and understanding of the activity and accelerate investigators’ ability to pinpoint primary and associated criminal activity and its perpetrators.

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