Combination of new partnerships with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, Project VIC and advancements in digital intelligence product line provide law enforcement agencies and investigators powerful capabilities to combat child exploitation

Petah Tikvah, IL – Aug 7, 2017 – Cellebrite, the leading provider of digital intelligence solutions, announced today that it has partnered with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children® (NCMEC) and Project VIC, two leading organizations in the global fight against child exploitation. In addition, Cellebrite announced major enhancements to its digital intelligence product line that will improve how law enforcement conducts investigations of crimes against children.

Forensic investigations of child exploitation often include terabytes of materials including images and videos. Investigators using traditional methods of manual file reviews lack the resources to analyze all materials to find evidence relevant to their cases. This commonly encountered scenario leads to situations where child victims are left undetected and cases unsolved.

Cellebrite is partnering with NCMEC, a nonprofit that operates the CyberTipline, a reporting mechanism for child exploitation, to provide technology and best practices to law enforcement to support the fight against child exploitation. Cellebrite will also integrate with Project VIC’s comprehensive image and video database, enabling law enforcement to quickly access existing archived images while enriching Project VIC’s database by populating it with new images to further aid the global fight against child exploitation.

The latest update to Cellebrite’s Digital Intelligence product portfolio provides child crime investigators with an end to end solution for access, delivery and analysis of data from multiple sources, allowing investigators to make data actionable. Cellebrite today announced enhancements to its Cloud Analyzer product, providing robust and forensically-sound public social media extraction capabilities. The company also unveiled new machine learning capabilities with its Cellebrite Analytics product that will automate the matching of unknown images and text. Cellebrite Analytics also provides investigators with an extensive and powerful hash database including direct access to media and data used to combat child sexual exploitation and trafficking from Project VIC and the Child Abuse Image Database (CAID).

The new Cloud Analyzer and Analytics capabilities build on Cellebrite’s core mobile device extraction that have made UFED Ultimate the de facto standard for law enforcement’s use of digital intelligence to solve child crime investigations worldwide.

“Technology advances like those offered by Cellebrite are critical to the ability to keep pace, given that the amount of child abuse images has grown exponentially with the rise of mobile technology,” said John Clark, president and CEO of NCMEC. “Providing the ability to run automated analytics like facial recognition with a massive compilation of image files, means that more victims of abuse will be identified and rescued by law enforcement.”

Equipping investigators with leading digital forensics technology from Cellebrite gives agents powerful new advantages to tackle the growing volume of digital evidence, enabling them to identify and save child victims, apprehend offenders and secure crime scenes. Cellebrite will work closely with the NCMEC and Project VIC to continue to identify ways to better support efforts to protect children.

The process of identifying and rescuing children from online exploitation comes with some unique challenges to our law enforcement partners. They generally uncover an overwhelming amount of data during these investigations with limited means to take action,” said Richard Brown, Project VIC International Coordinator. “Technology partners play a vital role in helping make key progress in the areas of innovation and collaboration, all of this results in making a difference in the number of victims rescued every year. Project VIC believes new innovations by Cellebrite and their commitments to assist Project VIC in the fight against child exploitation will result in victims being saved! “

“Law enforcement faces a daunting challenge when investigating child exploitation on the internet, as agents are often dealing with massive amounts of text and visual data evidence,” said Yossi Carmil, Global Co-CEO Cellebrite. “By integrating into our Analytics Platform powerful image analytics tools and direct access to global databases of image evidence files, we help to complete investigations more efficiently and with increased accuracy while shielding officers from the emotional impacts of reviewing images of unspeakable crimes against innocent children.”

Cellebrite’s expanded partnerships in combination with new data sharing and analytics capabilities better equip law enforcement, non-governmental organizations and industry to continue the fight against child exploitation. To learn more, visit us online at

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