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High-performance Forensic Workstation to Optimize Any Digital Investigation

The Cellebrite Forensic Workstation is a high-performance, reliable, and custom designed workstation, delivering state-of-the-art features, and engineered to handle the most rigorous data sets.

Equipped with a write blocker, redundant array of independent disks (RAID), and a set of removable hard drives, the workstation provides the necessary configuration required to secure the forensic soundness of the data and store the evidence. It also includes GPU acceleration, powerful processors and extensive memory capacities.

The workstation can run Cellebrite UFED 4PC, Cellebrite Physical Analyzer, UFED Cloud and Cellebrite Pathfinder solutions in parallel, without slowing down processing time.

Available in 3 configurations:

  • Cellebrite Basic - 1 Processor Model- No RAID
  • Cellebrite Standard - 1 Processor Model- with RAID
  • Cellebrite Advanced - 1 Processor Model- with high-end CPU and RAID

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