Managing caseloads has always been a challenge. And as cases involving digital intelligence increase and backlogs on devices needing to be examined grow, agency managers need a system that can monitor what’s going on in their operational labs while providing a broader overview of their department to track and organize cases more efficiently.

Maintaining data integrity and compliance are also key concerns as mistakes can cause evidence gained through weeks of hard investigation to be inadmissible in court.

Managers also need a system that’s compatible with existing systems but also customizable to grow with them as their department and digital intelligence needs expand.

And in today’s digital landscape, when data can be gathered and uploaded from the field by frontline personnel and investigators and lab technicians may be working from different locations, having a system that is secure yet easily accessible via mobile, tablet, or desktop from any location and user combination is paramount.

Stay Ahead With a Case Management System

With the right Case Management and Orchestration Solution in place, investigative  teams can effectively process exhibits, expedite the flow of cases, and optimize forensic lab resources—all while adhering to Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs): 

  • Maintain and validate data integrity in one solution, reducing the risk of human errors with double-key entry.
  • Enjoy one solution for a single point of contact in the case lifecycle, thus reducing the number of systems that are not integrated and modern.
  • Gain full visibility of the chain of custody for tracking and managing end-to-end evidence movements.
  • Ensure continuity of processes and procedures to maintain quality and compliance with standards and accreditations.
  • Boost operational efficiencies by automating repetitive tasks and maximizing lab resources.
  • Leverage a flexible workflow manager to build and shape a management system that meets the exact needs of your organisation.

How Cellebrite Guardian Can Help

Cellebrite, the world leader in digital intelligence solutions, recently introduced Cellebrite Guardian to meet the growing demand for an enterprise tool that can create, track, and manage multiple investigations with ease.

Guardian’s unique design is built on a highly flexible workflow engine that can be customized to reflect the exact processes and standard operating procedures your organization uses. Other key benefits include:

  • One centralized system to improve investigative efficiency and expedite the flow of cases.
  • Full action management including a ‘live’ dashboard to see actions move in real time as they are being worked on and visual action trees to show action routes and decision-making along with timers and notifications.
  • Ability to optimize lab resources while enforcing SOP’s.
  • Power to share real-time case status and visibility across your agency.
  • Capacity to manage case data and the lifecycle of the case in one place.
  • A modular design, which allows you to start small and add new modules as your agency’s needs evolve.
  • A pre-configured system that deploys easily so you can ramp up quickly.
  • A Learning Management Module that provides both a knowledge base platform and a training environment for its users.
  • Seamless integration with existing systems.

To get a more in-depth look at Cellebrite Guardian and how it can help your agency effectively manage digital investigations, join our webinar to hear more from customers and closer look at the solution.

From case submission to final closure, Cellebrite Guardian provides agencies with the ability to visually oversee and control cases over their entire lifecycle with one centralized system that’s completely customizable to flex and grow as your needs demand.

Learn more about how Cellebrite Guardian can ease your case management workload or to register for a demonstration, here.

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