First-of-its-Kind Digital Intelligence Solution Integrates Leading Innovations to Offer Most-Comprehensive Tools Available

Transforms Investigative Methods to Access and Analyze Data and Gain Insights from the Most Digital Sources and Applications

Fully Integrated Platform Enables End-to-End Transformation in Digital Policing

Tysons Corner, VA, December 4, 2019 Cellebrite, the global leader in digital intelligence solutions serving the law enforcement, government and enterprise communities, today announced its new Digital Intelligence (DI) platform, a fully integrated solution designed to maximize the potential of digital intelligence data and provide organizations with the most actionable intelligence critical to their investigations.

Cellebrite’s DI platform employs a powerful “DI Core” that stores and keeps data secure while allowing those who need to access it during various stages of the investigation to instantly obtain key intelligence information. Data uploaded to the core from remote sources can be sorted, managed and quickly analyzed using the latest artificial intelligence technologies to reveal insights for solving crimes, establishing defense plans or thwarting security threats.

“The DI platform revolutionizes the way organizations deal with intelligence data, allowing teams to collaborate on shared information in real-time,” said Yossi Carmil, Co-CEO of Cellebrite. “This streamlined system safeguards digital intelligence information while allowing the right people to get the right data at the right time to manage the massive intelligence and data-handling problems facing law enforcement, intelligence, business and military organizations.”

Cellebrite’s DI Platform can be scaled depending upon an organization’s or enterprise’s needs and seamlessly integrates with existing infrastructures to maximize investments in previous digital management systems.

“Agencies and businesses now have a platform that streamlines the data analysis process, allowing members from every arm of an organization to access and share key information in a collaborative environment that enables them to gain important investigative insights from the data presented,” said Mark Gambill, Chief Marketing Officer at Cellebrite. “And the DI Platform is backed by Cellebrite’s best-in-class training, service and technical support – all unmatched anywhere in the world.”

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About Cellebrite: Digital Intelligence for a Safer World

Cellebrite is committed to offering Digital Intelligence solutions for a safer world. It is the undisputed global leader in the emerging market of software solutions, AI and analytic tools that allow Law Enforcement agencies, Government and Enterprises to accelerate criminal investigations and address the challenges of crime and security in a digital world. The company’s solutions are used by agencies in more than 150 countries.