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Dive Deep into All Layers of the Web

Designed by analysts and intelligence experts, Cellebrite OSINT Analyze is a real-time investigative solution used by leading intelligence organizations around the world. Sources include the deep and dark web, sites that require login details, form submission pages, forums, and social networks.

Collect, Analyze, and Report

  • Collect

    • Easily add any source to your search
    • Tailor search by location
    • Schedule data collection and monitor open-source data over time
    • Email alerts for new data based on scheduled collections
  • Analyze

    • Analyze and filter massive amounts of data using advanced AI and analytics tools
    • Evaluate information by location
    • Surface connections between multiple data sources
  • Report

    • Seamlessly collaborate and manage investigative insights
    • Leverage ready-to-use workflows and templates
    • Visualize connections with interactive tools

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