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Everything Leaves a Digital Trace. Access It with One Click.

Any investigator can perform a quick open-source search on a desired identifier based on industry best practices and generate a shareable intelligence report with stakeholders within minutes.


Your One-Click Intelligence Report

  • Start from a single identifier and automatically collect the most relevant open-source information about a person of interest.
  • Automatically surface insights as well as pattern-of-life details, friends, interests, and social network activity.
  • Preserve a standardized person of interest report and associated metadata to increase efficiency.
Crime digital data p2 With Crimes on the Upswing, Law Enforcement Agencies Need Support To Obtain Funding Needed To Invest in New Ways To Access, Analyze, and Manage Digital Data

Collect, Analyze, and Report

  • Easily search and leverage open-source information including names, phone numbers, emails, social identifiers, and connections.
  • Using the collected open-source data, automatically surface relevant insights on multiple persons of interest.
  • View and share the results in a comprehensive report that can easily be integrated with other case management systems for further analysis.

Start Solving Cases Faster

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