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Leverage all layers of the web with one click.

Everyone leaves a digital footprint that can serve as pivotal evidence during the course of an investigation.

Open-source intelligence provides the ability to view any online information to collect, analyze, and produce actionable intelligence.

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Gain Critical Access to Open-Source Information and Leverage It

Stop searching through endless online platforms and running into countless technical difficulties to find the evidence you need. Now you can get the most relevant information available in one easy-to-use dashboard.

With Cellebrite OSINT you have access to:

  • Actionable insights in minutes
  • One easy view for all information
  • Up-to-date and fresh information
  • Generate a sharable report for review in a single click

Surface and Enrich Digital Evidence with Cellebrite OSINT

From the start of an investigation, unique insights are generated, equipping investigators and analysts with today’s online information for tomorrow’s challenging cases.

Start Solving Cases Faster

Find out how Cellebrite Digital Intelligence solutions can help your investigations.