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Cellebrite Pathfinder & Axon Evidence Integration

A New Era of Digital Evidence Investigation and Management

63% of criminal cases now involve digital evidence from video, mobile devices, computers, and other data sources. Because of this, law enforcement agencies deal with an ever-growing amount of digital evidence, which affects time-to-evidence and case resolution.

As leaders in Evidence Management and Digital Intelligence, the new partnership between Cellebrite and Axon enables customers to create a streamlined, efficient, and more modern digital investigation process to accelerate justice.

Learn how the Cellebrite & Axon integration can modernize your investigations.

Pathfinder Benefits

  • Consolidate investigative data from multiple sources at scale
  • Leverage AI based engines to find patterns in suspect, case and cross-case investigative context
  • Surface simplified actionable insights along with advanced investigative tools
  • Drive Collaboration across investigative teams and partner agencies

Axon Evidence Benefits

  • Protect data within a single repository
  • Ensure secure chain of custody
  • Seamlessly manage data, processes, and people
  • Review complex investigative data
  • Empower collaboration to accelerate investigations

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