Dear Customers,

While we are facing challenging times, the Cellebrite team remains committed to continuing the world-class service you have come to expect from us in our partnership to help create a safer world.

Our primary concern is with the people who are part of the Digital Intelligence community of employees, customers, partners and suppliers around the world. Many serve in the public and private sector and don’t have the option of working from home.

We pride ourselves on the industry-leading solutions & support we bring to this community. We see demand increasing in times like today and you have my commitment that we will maintain our high standards during these challenging times.

Cellebrite is taking steps to ensure the Digital Intelligence Community is moving forward with confidence by:

  • Continually evaluating our mode of operations to ensure there is no disruption to your technical support.

  • Leveraging the latest technology advancements to make certain our customer-facing teams are empowered to continue to engage with you in real-time – including our award-winning online training tools and capabilities.

  • Taking every necessary precaution to ensure there will be no disruption to our R&D, manufacturing or supply-chain resources.

Our priority is the safety and health of all of you and the communities you serve. We are grateful and proud to stand with those of you on the frontlines confronting this public health emergency.

We Are Cellebrite!

Yossi Carmil

Global Co-CEO

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