Cellebrite is honored to participate in the upcoming  ICAC Conference being held in Redmond, WA, Oct 9-11. ICAC conferences are important forums to learn the latest tips and techniques on how to combat child exploitation. 

Our training sessions will focus on the effective use of digital data to aid in the fight against child exploitation.  Conducted by Cellebrite’s team of industry experts, these training sessions will describe the best techniques on accessing and leveraging digital data to its fullest potential to resolve investigations faster and protect our children. 

Training sessions being offered are:

Smartphones: How to Reach the Summit When You Have a Mountain of Data
Presented by: Heather Mahalik (Lecture)

Smartphones can track everything about us. They know where we are going, where we have been, and they can possibly even predict our next moves. These devices not only know our personal information, they offer conjecture and make suggestions on our behalf.

They are constantly communicating with the world around us, our other devices and with the cloud – resulting in what seems like a mountain of data.  This talk will explore Application and Health data artifacts to uncover some hidden truths about the user.

We will explore how the tools present the information, how to ensure the data is legitimate, prove that someone was using the phone when the crime occurred and more importantly, attempt to verify the specific person controlling the device during the crime!

We will dive into examining how to know if the user deleted data prior to an extraction and what to do if the data is encrypted.  We will use this mountain of data that our phones collect, share and hold onto even after we think it is gone to solve the case.

Recovering Illicit Evidence from Locked and Encrypted Applications – Performing Effective Onsite Triage
Presented by: Jim Dibble & Danny Garcia (Lab)

Want to know how to recover illicit images, videos and chat sessions from encrypted applications and devices?  Phone locks and encrypted applications may seem like the end of the line for investigators, but we’ll show you how we recovered over 3GB of WhatsApp data from a locked and encrypted Android device – without even knowing the passcode – all in under 20 minutes.

Mobile technology has developed at an unprecedented rate.  Likewise, mobile device applications have developed at warp speed to keep up with the rising demand for improved functionality and storage capability.  This presentation will focus on how to conduct effective on-site previews and triage of mobile devices and removable storage. 

Attendees will learn how utilities built within Cellebrite Physical Analyzer, such as file hashing, filtering, metadata analysis and advanced search functionality can be leveraged to examine mobile devices and external storage media to develop probable cause and/or locate evidence specifically related to the investigation.

Find out more about this important conference and how you can attend at the ICAC Conference event page.

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