Premium Enterprise Brings Industry-Leading Mobile Device Unlocking Capabilities to Every Cellebrite UFED, Enabling Investigative Teams to Dramatically Increase Productivity and Maintain the Chain of Custody of Digital Evidence

TYSONS CORNER, VA., July 21, 2021 – Cellebrite, the global leader in Digital Intelligence (DI) solutions for the public and private sectors, today announced the general availability (GA) of Cellebrite Premium Enterprise (ES), an enterprise-grade solution that is part of Cellebrite’s end-to-end Digital Intelligence Investigative Platform offering, and is deployed in an agencies’ secured domain via server and connects to their existing UFED devices.

The new solution provides examiners working in the lab or remotely, the ability to use their existing UFED devices with the unprecedented ability to support more than 31,000 different digital device profiles and unlock leading Android and iOS devices using various tested methods. With the addition of Cellebrite Commander, which provides enterprise-grade device management, the solution enables IT administrators to control updates and rights management on UFED devices, enabling agency-wide solution scalability. 

In Cellebrite’s soon-to-be-released 2021 Digital Intelligence Benchmark Report, 2,000 respondents across the globe reported that 57% (six out of 10) of the devices brought into their labs as part of legal investigations were locked. They also identified “the inability to extract data due to encrypted apps” as their biggest investigative challenge.

Ronnen Armon, Cellebrite’s Chief Product and Technology Officer, said “The enhanced privacy and security offered by today’s mobile devices are welcomed by the vast majority of us, including myself, but these advances can sometimes benefit criminals who can cloak activity due to more advanced encryption. Without the proper tools to lawfully access them, these devices are often excluded from investigations, leaving critical digital data undiscovered. This means fewer potential convictions or exonerations.”

Having advanced collection and review capabilities for digital evidence is a necessity for law enforcement agencies to accelerate time to evidence. Premium ES extends exclusive Cellebrite Premium capabilities to all authorized Cellebrite UFED devices. This enables Cellebrite UFEDs to perform advanced device unlocking, digital data collections, and review at any time, from anywhere, for agencies of all sizes.

“Our mission is to provide an end-to-end Digital Intelligence Investigative Platform that enables agencies to digitally transform every step of their investigations,” continued Armon.

“It’s about a new era where law enforcement is equipped with enhanced secure lawful collection and data review capabilities that can resolve cases more quickly and efficiently than ever before. Cellebrite Premium ES is a milestone in our platform evolution and is a game-changing solution for agencies to reduce time to evidence, boost productivity, and maintain the chain of custody for digital evidence.”

 Key Benefits of Premium ES include:

  • Enabling Every UFED Unprecedented Advanced Access and Scale: Performs unlock and full-file-system extractions for leading iOS and Android device models running the latest operating systems to accelerate advanced access to critical data and allow agencies to scale with a flexible enterprise-grade solution

  • Increase Productivity: With each authorized UFEDs’ access to the Premium server, digital forensics labs can now perform more device collections and accelerate investigations by empowering every UFED endpoint with Premium capabilities

  • Maintain Chain of Custody and Keep Evidence Intact: Access to the Premium ES server over the network eliminates the need for data to be transferred to a secured lab, helps preserve the chain of evidence, and improves how agencies manage their Cellebrite UFED fleet

  • Centralize User and Fleet Management: Deployed with Cellebrite Commander, agencies can limit access to data and UFED devices, creating the ability to have an audit trail and monitor the distribution of all Premium ES actions on a simple centralized dashboard; this improves operational efficiency, maintains security and transparency, and helps agencies move closer to a digital policing infrastructure

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