Special Guest: Ryan Salmon – Detective from Pierce County, Washington, U.S.

In this episode, Ryan returns after delivering a great presentation on a case scenario involving cell tower information and how helpful it was in solving a case. Check it out here, “Google GeoFence and Reverse Location Warrants

Ryan will share a more fundamental aspect of digital intelligence focusing on how to actually access, collect, and analyze data without, in some cases, needing to get into advanced methods. He will start by discussing basic cellphone data collection methods including simple tools to instantly get a substantial amount of location data.

As with all digital intelligence methods, it’s important to always be careful when analyzing data to make sure that the activity remains forensically sound.

Ryan will share examples of straightforward methods where you will see that the data speaks for itself. The results will already be valuable to show a layperson, prosecutor, or juror. You will learn practical and simple ways to achieve results without “going into the weeds” of advanced digital intelligence analysis.    

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