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Access and analyze computer data for corporate investigations and eDiscovery

Cellebrite brings industry-leading computer access and analysis tools that push the boundaries of endpoint intelligence allowing you to access endpoints anywhere.

Corporate investigations today rely on access to digital data, Cellebrite Digital Collector (previously MacQuisition) and Inspector are necessary components in any investigation toolbox. They enhance any iOS, Windows or Mac forensics discovery to surface the insights needed to resolve a case.

Learn more about how the Cellebrite Computer Access and Analysis solutions can address your needs.

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Digital Collector triage

Cellebrite Digital Collector

A powerful 4-in-1 solution for triage, live data acquisition, targeted data collection, and forensic imaging

  • Ability to create physical images of Macs with the Apple T2 chip
  • Support for imaging APFS fusion Drives
  • Triage devices to determine if relevant data exists prior to imaging Capture RAM and target collections live on Mojave
Computer Access Analysis Law Enforcement

Cellebrite Inspector

The market-leading solution for the quick and comprehensive analysis of macOS and Windows computer volumes.

  • Full support for Apple latest systems APFS; including T2 chip, fusion and encrypted devices.
  • Built-in Windows memory and Windows registry analysis.
  • Image categorization and using Image Analyzer
  • Smart Indexing


Cellebrite Certified Corporate Investigator (CCCI)

The Cellebrite Certified Corporate Investigator (CCCI) course is a Three-Day (21 hours) Entry/Beginner level certification program designed for corporate, private, and eDiscovery examiners. The CCCI course includes a comprehensive introduction to the components of corporate and private incidents, including legal considerations, evidence identification, preservation, collections, and production