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Access & Analyze Computer Data to Accelerate Investigations

Cellebrite is proud to welcome BlackBag Technologies to our family – bringing industry-leading computer access and analysis tools to our Digital Intelligence Solution suite.

Enhance your ability to dig deeper into Windows and Mac forensics investigations by adding support to uncover hidden data, and find evidence that creates an end-to-end picture of your investigations.

Learn how the leading Windows and Mac computer access and analysis tools will enhance your agency's digital investigation toolkit.

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Cellebrite MacQuisition

A powerful 4-in-1 solution for triage, live data acquisition, targeted data collection, and forensic imaging

  • Ability to create physical images of Macs with the Apple T2 chip
  • Support for imaging APFS fusion Drives
  • Additional APFS imaging options included
  • Capture RAM and target collections live on Mojave
Computer Access Analysis Law Enforcement

Cellebrite BlackLight

Quickly analyze computer volumes and mobile devices to shed light on user actions

  • Full support for Apple latest systems APFS; including T2 chip, fusion and encrypted devices.
  • Built-in Windows memory and Windows registry analysis.
  • Image categorization and using Image Analyzer
  • Smart Indexing

SoftBlock ®

Quickly identify newly attached hardware devices, and mount the device with read- only or read- write permissions.

  • Quickly and safely preview data contained on evidentiary devices before data is imported
  • Handles as many hardware devices as a forensic analysis machine allows
  • Meets the needs of both large-scale digital forensic labs and individual forensic practitioners
  • Features an intuitive user interface


Cellebrite Collection & Acquisition Triage Course (C2AT).

C2AT expands on concepts introduced in Cellebrite Mobile Forensic Fundamentals
(CMFF) while introducing extractions and data sets using new computer access and analysis solution. The combined program of CCO and BFI is ideal for professionals working in or seeking to work in areas related to mobile and desktop investigation or data extraction teams.