Donn Parker’s 1976 book, Crime by Computer, is the first description of the use of digital information to investigate and prosecute crimes committed with the assistance of a computer. Thirty-two years later, digital forensics is a critical science for investigations.

In fact, 85% of all criminal cases now include some form of digital evidence. The physical items that began decades ago, such as paper money, mail, maps, and notepads, have all become digital. If we did it with paper, you know there is an app for your mobile device.

While the world managed to get by with the handy No. 2 lead pencil and a notepad for over a century, today most people could probably not go to their friend’s house without checking with Waze. Ironically, we now see a mind-numbing 2.6 million apps in the Google Play Store.

And quite a few of these applications are used by bad actors to perpetrate criminal activity. Whether it is using WhatsApp to communicate with gang members or Bitcoin to anonymously move ill-gotten monies, criminals will find a way to use technology to their advantage.

Unfortunately, even with the most knowledgeable forensic scientists equipped with the best forensics’ tools on the market, they still could only process a small percentage of the applications on the market today. This leaves forensics experts with a significant amount of work to try and dissect critical data to uncover the right evidence.

Until now, forensic scientists were limited. With Cellebrite’s release of Cellebrite UFED Cloud 7.4 and Cellebrite Physical Analyzer 7.10, however, law enforcement is now in the driver’s seat.  Cloud Analyzer eliminates the anonymity of Bitcoin transactions and with our new industry first, Virtual Analyzer, you can now view millions of Android applications within a logical view. 

Converging the physical data extractions, with the virtual data from the cloud and the apps allow for the production of forensically sound reports, for faster discovery of evidence.

Check out our latest releases here:

Cellebrite  UFED Cloud 7.4

Cellebrite Physical Analyzer 7.10 

Watch the video introduction to the Virtual Analyzer, an industry-unique emulator to display forensically sound digital evidence from +3M Android apps. This new capability enables you to view mobile device data in its original application form to allow for easier comprehension and sharing of findings with peers and juries using powerful visual reports.

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