2020 has been a year that will be studied for generations, truly an inflection year; the COVID-19 outbreak, political unrest, and strained relationships between civilians and law enforcement. Yet, with all these challenges, as with each generation before us, heroes have emerged, giving birth to new ways of thinking, which will help to create much needed safety in a world that has become increasingly complex.

We believe that digital technology plays an enormous role in creating safer communities, a safer working environment for law enforcement personnel and improved standards-of-procedures (SOPs). Digital technology enables law enforcement to take violent criminals off the streets, As a matter of fact, the role of digital data in investigations has grown by 82% in just a few years. It brings focus to investigations by revealing connections and identifying the most likely suspects, protecting innocent bystanders in ways impossible just a few years ago. It can also ‘wall off’ personal information creating the highest standards of privacy practices. And it can create indisputable visual evidence that brings investigations to the fastest conclusions.

Key areas of society will be faster to transform in terms of how they use technology and manage information. For the team at Cellebrite, supporting the missions of the agencies responsible for the safety of the public remains our top priority. Our lessons from a year not yet complete are numerous: advocating for human rights, privacy, uniting communities and the men and women charged with protecting them, strengthening the public’s understanding, appreciation and support of law enforcement, and giving agencies the tools and services to execute their responsibilities safely and efficiently are all areas we continue to support.

The heartbeat of digital technology for public safety organizations is known as ‘Digital Intelligence’ also referred to as ‘DI.’ Modern investigation is challenged to compete with criminals in an age of five billion mobile phones, one and half billion laptops, wearables, with encryption and cloud computing.  Consider that 97% of criminal cases today involve at least one smartphone with evidence that will become critical to solving the crime and prosecuting the suspects.  DI is obtained by accessing, analyzing and managing an ever-expanding set of data types and sources and is then synthesized into actionable evidence that investigators use to solve cases.

Criminals have gone high tech. As devices and apps become more sophisticated, they are taking advantage of new ways to hide their communications and transactions. For example, a terrorist buys the materials to make a bomb online. A human trafficker conducts deals through a mobile device. A syndicate member illegally smuggled wildlife in and out of countries. A rogue employee carries out financial fraud that starts within the corporate network. The scenarios are real and endless . . .

More so than ever before, it is imperative that law enforcement, intelligence agencies and even corporate investigators keep up with the offenders. This not only sheds light on corruption and brings transparency within organizations but also brings justice to the innocent and closure to the family members of victims worldwide.

We have also witnessed many times DI coming to the aid of the innocent. Suspects have been released as DI proved them unrelated to crimes, and convictions have been overturned based on digital evidence. Cellebrite’s digital intelligence solutions provide real-time evidence by accessing and analyzing GPS location, photos and their images stamps, deleted messages and many other factors to help investigators fit together a puzzle with billions of pieces.

Our vision is a world in which law enforcement has nearly unlimited capability to investigate criminals and bring them to justice in the least amount of time. However, all these transformative tools require careful effort to protect the privacy of people and institutions. Our tools are designed to protect privacy and to protect the innocent, while those using them seek to identify and analyze the critically needed data. We place our vision in the context of protecting people and privacy and giving communities and law enforcement the tools to support better cooperation. We have always insisted on tightly defined practices to manage and secure data and continue to support privacy policies that protect the innocent and their data, but do not erode the critically needed digital investigations, conducted within the realm of the law, that bring criminals to justice and protect communities. 

Police and communities are not mutually exclusive.  In fact, they must work together to be effective. Therefore, we are encouraged by the conversations occurring around evolving standards and SOPs in digital policing. This will begin the process of regaining community trust and, by extension creating safer communities. This is the only way to ensure that further inroads will be made in protecting the innocent and bringing investigations to swift and judicious conclusions. It is the onus of our legislative bodies and law enforcement to bolster the public’s confidence in the way that law enforcement accesses, stores and manages digital data. We believe that these goals are mutually inclusive. Technology is the common link.

Because of the continuous efforts of our team and the technology we provide, families across the globe have been able to find peace because their loved ones’ murders were solved. Violent criminals are swiftly brought to justice. Children have been removed from the grasp of sexual predators tormenting their lives. Borders are secure and protected from the illegal movement of weapons and drugs, maintaining prosperity and economic security. Endangered species no longer must endure cruel abuse or face pending extinction.

While the world has reached this important inflection point and it may seem that there is a daily parade of bad news, the promise of a prosperous and safer world is stronger than it ever has been.  This is due to new ways of thinking and working that continue to emerge.  Cellebrite stands behind the heroes that relentlessly carry their mission forward every day.  We stand for the protection of human rights and privacy.  Most importantly we stand for finding the facts in cases. I am proud of the resolve our team continues to show in progressing our mission of creating a safer world.

Yossi Carmil
CEO, Cellebrite

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