Special Guest: Josh Brunty – Professor at Marshall University

In this episode, we are joined by Josh Brunty, professor at Marshall University. Josh helped establish the digital forensics laboratory at West Virginia State Police before transferring to work in academia where he has been teaching digital forensics for the past ten years.

We will be discussing mentorship in the DFIR community. What does it mean for the mentors? What does it mean in the workplace? Are you showing signs of being a mentor without even realizing it?

Mentorship is incredibly important, especially during the era of working from home or remotely. The purpose of mentorship is to create the best version of each person. If people are not working together in an office space, it is much more difficult to have daily conversations for improvement and to learn from mentors.

Hence, it is vital to establish a mentorship program before a company goes completely remote. It ensures that people who do not have a lot of knowledge are able to build a rapport with supportive mentors who will help them produce new tools, techniques, and presentations.

Listen to the full episode to learn more about the importance of mentorship in the DFIR community.

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