In this episode, we discuss the DFIR “virtual job fair,” which is a new term for the current climate of job hunting in the forensics community. Many people approach me with resumes when they are just starting out in their careers, looking to move to another company or to work in a new position remotely.

Often, people are not sure where to start their career paths, as many positions don’t start at entry-level. A representative from Kroll, a global investigation and professional services firm, will discuss some positions currently available at the company.

The great thing about Kroll is that they not only have positions around the globe including the UK, EMEA, the Middle East, APAC, and LATAM, but they also have available positions in the US. Virtually all of the employees work remotely as long as they have a great internet connection and are within driving distance of an airport.

As Kroll is an investigative company, they have traditional investigation positions as well. So if you are transitioning from law enforcement or military, they have traditional background investigations and disputes practice and traditional investigators with PI licenses that don’t necessarily do forensics.

Listen to the podcast to empower your job search.

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