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Case Study

Digital Evidence Confirms Players in Major Bitcoin Heist — and Leads to Their Convictions

Traditional police work helped track down the thieves targeting cryptocurrency data centers in Iceland, but digital intelligence from one suspect’s mobile devices provided the proof of their involvement.

Key Challenges:

  • To connect six suspects to the theft of more than $2M in tech equipment for mining Bitcoins from several cryptocurrency data centers in Iceland.
  • The inability to gather digital evidence because the suspects would not grant investigators access to their mobile devices or provide them with their PINs.
  • The sheer complexity of the investigation: The suspects had used many phones and phone numbers throughout their operation. Also, they had relied on online messaging apps like Telegram to create almost secure lines of communication.

Digital intelligence solutions deployed:

  • UFED Touch2
  • Cellebrite Physical Analyzer
  • Cellebrite Advanced Services