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Cellebrite’s Digital Intelligence Platform Provides Easy Ways to Access, Manage and Analyze Large Volumes of Data

Cellebrite’s acquisition of BlackBag Technologies one year ago has positioned the company to deliver unrivaled Digital Intelligence solutions by integrating BlackBag’s expertise in computer data collection technology with Cellebrite’s industry-leading mobile device capabilities.

Bolstering Cellebrite’s Digital Intelligence Platform with added computer data collection and analytics capabilities has enabled the company to offer law enforcement a total end-to-end solution that is unrivaled in the industry while providing a solution to the greatest challenge enterprise is facing—remote collection of digital data.

Building Cellebrite’s Digital Intelligence competency in this way enabled important upgrades to be made to existing products and, more importantly, drive the introduction of entirely new solutions that will accelerate justice, preserve data privacy, and protect and save lives.

Providing Needed Solutions

Law enforcement and enterprise have had to rapidly transform to accommodate a remote workforce. Information from Deloitte, Exterro, and ACEDS suggests there has been a five-fold increase in IT services teams to support in-house discovery and investigation operations. Remote collection of data is a primary pain point.

Enterprise and law enforcement need a robust solution to their remote data-collection woes. Cellebrite has answered that call with the launch of Digital Collector—a completely reimagined solution that simplifies data collection for law enforcement through the use of a single tool for Mac- and Windows-based computers while mitigating risk in enterprise investigations by making endpoint data collection simple, effective and efficient.

Digital Collector–Much More Than A Makeover

Formerly branded as BlackBag’s popular MacQuisition product, Digital Collector now offers the ability to perform all of the following for both Apple and Windows platforms:

  • Forensically Boot: For systems that are powered off, boot into a protected environment for triage or imaging.
  • Live Collection: For systems that are powered on and accessible, run Digital Collector live to triage and complete targeted collections.
  • Triage: Whether live or booted, browse the computer under review, filtering for file metadata or keywords, and review content.
  • Targeted Imaging: Choose to collect preconfigured categories or user-select files from triage.
  • Forensic Imaging: Collect a complete image of the system including deleted and unallocated areas of drives into industry-standard formats.

No other competitor in the marketplace can do live and dead box triage and imaging for Windows and Mac, which makes Digital Collector an invaluable asset for organizations looking to streamline workflows and simplify data collection.

Digital Collector will be crucial for law enforcement working cases involving child exploitation and sex trafficking as well as thwarting planned terrorist attacks where time is of the essence by allowing data collection from both Mac and Windows platforms with a single tool—saving crucial time to gain actionable intelligence faster.

Enterprise investigators will find Digital Collector the perfect solution for risk mitigation by making endpoint data collection and analysis simple, effective, and efficient in key areas including:

E-Discovery: The identification, preservation, collection, processing, review, analysis, and production of electronically stored information (ESI) in support of the common-law discovery process for litigation.

Employee Misconduct: Assist commercial entities in managing challenges arising from irregularities, fraud, misconduct, and regulatory non-compliance.

IP Theft: Assist commercial entities in managing challenges arising from commercial disputes and IP theft.

Cellebrite Inspector—Device Analytics Made Easy

Cellebrite Inspector allows investigators to quickly analyze data on digital devices to shed light on user actions, locate images, or find conversations to reveal endpoint intelligence:

  • Analyze the evidence you see most often: Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.
  • Easy to navigate and locate key artifacts to find and follow leads. Actionable intel allows you to quickly locate multimedia, communications, and download information. Combines similar, relevant data from multiple locations and across multiple devices.
  • Examiners can verify the results quickly if needed down to the raw data on the device.
  • Review device history from Microsoft Volume Shadow Copies, Apple Time machine, and Snapshots.
  • Built-in features for Windows Registry and Memory Analysis, to image categorization and Full Disk Encryption.
  • Automatically parse artifacts like account information, recent documents, downloads, recycle bin/trash, USB connections, and more with visibility to direct how and where the data is extracted from disk.

As Ashley Hernandez, VP Product—Enterprise Solutions, said recently, “We are excited to extend the Digital Intelligence capabilities Cellebrite already offers customers across data types to include computer devices across all our solutions. For law enforcement, this will include access to computer data in existing tools they use every day for, say, mobile devices. For corporations and service providers, we will be focused on making access to endpoints easier – again from the computer, mobile, and the Cloud.”

You have Digital Collector to collect and gather the data. Then you have Cellebrite Inspector to analyze all the bits and bytes, compare things, and analyze pictures. Then you have Cellebrite Pathfinder to bring all of these different things—the CCTV and CDR, call data records, and all of that together, and use that to analyze the data, and look for patterns between the different things.

For example, where somebody was located when they made a phone call at the same time that this entry was made on their phone or that they saved this document on their computer. So it’s more of an analyst’s tool.

So again, it’s that progression: Digital Collector to collect, Cellebrite Inspector to do deep-dive analysis of a device, and then Pathfinder to analyze larger conglomerations of data and find connections between them to build a more complete picture of an investigation.

Using a smart collection platform that includes Digital Collector, Cellebrite Inspector, and Cellebrite Pathfinder allows investigative teams to collect data anywhere, regardless of geographic background. Litigation costs can also be lowered because the amount of irrelevant data requiring processing and review can be reduced by as much as 85 percent. And the convenience of having a one-stop-shop for collection and analysis simplifies the investigative process to accelerate justice and protect and save lives.

Learn more about how Digital Collector and Cellebrite Inspector can streamline the investigative workflow for your team, here.

About the Author: As General Manager, Enterprise Solutions at Cellebrite, Ken is a seasoned executive and  20-year veteran of law enforcement and computer forensics. He brings knowledge, trusted business experience, and the proven leadership ability needed to promote the mission and unique culture of Cellebrite.

An expert in the fields of IT, digital investigations, and law enforcement, Ken deeply understands the customer point-of-view, and this helps guide him in the management of the company’s private sector business unit. Prior to joining Cellebrite, Ken was CEO at BlackBag Technologies until its acquisition by Cellebrite, and also Senior Vice President of Product Engineering for Guidance Software.

During his over 20-year tenure in the private sector, Ken held executive roles in engineering, training, information technology, and professional services, and in his current role, Ken is responsible for all aspects of the private sector business for Cellebrite.

Editor’s Note: This is part 1 of a two-part series. Check out part 2 here.

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