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Digital Investigation Overview – Analyzer and Pathfinder Series – Part 1

Ask the Expert - UFED Physical Analyzer
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Part One – Technical Overview of Physical, UFED Cloud and Evidence Review with Translations

In this 2-part series – we will share new features, general overview, technical tips on Physical Analyzer, Cloud Analyzer, Merge of PA+ UFED Cloud, Usage and benefits of Translation Pack and demonstrate how to utilize translation and Cloud information in your Investigation.

Every webinar attendee will also be entitled to a free 1-month trial for UFED Cloud and the winner of the short quiz will be entitled to a 3-month trial! *

*eligibility for the trial will be assessed by Cellebrite and provision of the trial license will be at our discretion.

  • Sales Offering on UFED Cloud Trial
  • Sales Details on Translation Pack
  • New Features of PA, PA + UFED Cloud Merge
  • General Overview and Technical Tips of Extraction and Decoding
  • Introduction to Translation and usage in Evidence Review
  • Short Quiz at the end of Episode 1


  • Gareth Gross Sales Manager (ANZ)
  • Fit Talhah Technical Customer Support Engineer (ANZ)
  • Adam Riley Customer Success Manager (APAC)