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Create a road map to stay aligned with the future of digital policing and adopt technologies that will help your agency decrease backlogs and data overload. The solutions that Cellebrite provides will eliminate the mountains of time spent dealing with digital evidence, helping investigative teams solve crimes faster and keep communities safer.

There is a pressing need for a solid digital intelligence strategy to be put in place to balance the digital data reality and needs with available, finite resources. Only when such a strategy is put in place will law enforcement agencies be positioned to meet today’s tactical challenges, while also preparing for tomorrow.

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Cellebrite Advanced Services

Our experts provide law enforcement agencies with forensically sound, quick access to sensitive mobile digital evidence.

  • Advanced Unlocking: Determine or disable the Pin/Pattern/Password screen locks or passcodes on the latest Apple iOS and Google Android devices.
  • Advanced Extraction: Cellebrite makes the world’s only decrypted physical extraction capability possible. Retrieve the full file system from all Apple and Android devices.
  • Advisory Services: We provide evidentiary preparation including independent case review or testimony, to help you ensure the best possible case results.
  • Technical Services: Extensive experience and tools to help you recover and examine important evidence from crushed, broken, burnt or water-damaged devices.

Cellebrite UFED Cloud

Allows you to extract, preserve, and analyzer public and private domain social media data, instant messaging, file storage, web pages, and other cloud-based content using a forensically sound process. Easily search, filter, and sort data to quickly identify suspects, victims, locations and more – all within pre-approved legal boundaries.

Gather Social and Cloud-Based Data Easily

  • Move beyond the examination of physical devices to tap into new evidence sources hiding in social media and private, cloud-based data archives with UFED Cloud Analyzer.

Fulfill Requests for Cloud-Based Private Data

  • Gather private user data with appropriate legal authority from over 50 of the most popular social media and cloud-based sources. Use login credentials provided by the subject, extracted from digital devices or PCs, retrieved from personal files or via other discovery means to gain access to time-sensitive evidence.
  • List of Cloud Sources: Download PDF

Capture and Review Public Data

  • Easily access, view and incorporate publicly available data into your investigations including location information, profiles, images, files and social communications from popular apps such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Visualize Data in a Unified Format

  • Normalize different cloud data sources in a unified view to analyze them by Timeline, File Thumbnails, Contacts or Maps formats. Search, filter and sort available data across platforms.
Cellebrite Pathfinder Illustration

Cellebrite Pathfinder

Eliminates time-consuming and manual review of digital data. Analytics uses Artificial Intelligence (AI), and machine learning algorithms, to automatically surface formative leads and actionable insights from every bit and byte of data during investigations.

  • Recognize people, places and objects in images: Automatically detect and categories image frames such as weapons, drugs, and documents using advance facial recognition and image categorization to surface leads and more.
  • Visualize case reports: Take a snapshot of the information as it appears in context to easily communicate with visuals to a court or to stakeholders of an investigation.
Discuss your DI strategy with a Cellebrite representative today

Cellebrite Inspector

An easy-to-use solution with the functionality you need built in; from actionable intelligence to the accurate reporting. Quickly analyze devices to shed light on user actions, locate images, or find conversations that reveal the evidence you are looking for.

  • Unveils not only the artifacts, but also the source in the same view for easy verification. Dig dip into extracted data into the file system with up to date support.
  • Quickly analyze computer volumes and mobile devices to bring forth digital data. Search, filter and sift through large data sets, a smart, comprehensive analysis.

Find out how to maximize your investigations with Cellebrite Academy.

  • Role-based learning paths: Purpose-built curriculum tailored to your role.
  • Improve your Technical Skills: Online classes provide immersive hands-on training opportunities.
  • Convenience & Flexibility: Multiple formats to match your learning style and schedule in-comfort.
  • Industry Recognized: Award-winning training delivered by renowned experts.