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eDiscovery Investigations in the Age of Remote Work

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Aired: September 30, 2021
Duration: 1 hour

The cost of eDiscovery investigations is steadily rising as the scope and volume of data that must be reviewed increases.  In addition, the shift to a hybrid working model means employee’s devices aren’t always accessible and increased privacy concerns are being raised by internal and external legal entities when collection from these devices. It’s vital that investigators need to complete litigation collection but do so with minimal business disruption and protecting employee privacy.

With remote mobile collection, you can gather insights from across a variety of data sources and collect only the data you need to protect employee privacy. Derrick Donnelly, Labs Principal Scientist and Ashley Hernandez, VP of Product for Enterprise Solutions will walk you through the challenges in today’s hybrid working world and how remote mobile capabilities address these challenges.

Join this webinar to learn how remote mobile capabilities can help:

  • Eliminate time delays and increased costs associated with gathering data from remote employees
  • Save time and money by only collecting the data you need
  • Protect employee privacy through consent-based collection
  • Streamline the collection and processing of computer and mobile data to support any civil litigation


  • Ashley Hernandez VP of Product for Enterprise Solutions at Cellebrite
  • Derrick Donnelly Labs Principal Scientist at Cellebrite
  • Ashley Hernandez VP of Product for Enterprise Solutions at Cellebrite

    Ashley Hernandez has worked in digital forensics for over 15 years. Ashley believes digital forensics provides corporations the crucial ability to determine facts pertinent to solving criminal and civil matters and examine security incidents. She has taught and certified investigators in digital forensics and security topics; including speaking at many digital forensics conferences. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Sonoma State University.

  • Derrick Donnelly Labs Principal Scientist at Cellebrite

    Derrick Donnelly founded BlackBag Technologies, now part of the Cellebrite family. Derrick previously worked for Apple and was a regular instructor for the FBI Computer Analysis and Response Team. He has taught and lectured at hundreds of forensic conferences around the world. Derrick has completed analysis and given testimony in connection with Federal and state criminal and civil cases.