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Ending the COVID-19 Lockdown: Achieving sustainable, effective and comprehensive contact tracing

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In this panel webinar, we will be discussing about the global COVID-19 phenomenon and the various strategies and tactics being implemented by governments worldwide to manage the spread of infections. We will be paying special focus on the role of contact tracing in managing the spread of the COVID-19 infections and how government bodies can elevate their contact tracing capabilities to the next level.

Our panel of experts will be discussing about topics such as:

  • Key considerations and challenges of contact tracing, and the possible solutions to them
  • Usage of technology and digital data in aiding with contact tracing
  • Success metrics to evaluate contact tracing efforts
  • Case study reviews along with lessons learnt


  • Mr. Yuval Ben Moshe VP of Business Development, Cellebrite
  • Mr. Brijesh Singh Inspector General of Police, State of Maharashtra, India
  • Mr. Khoo Boon Hui Retired Commissioner of Singapore Police Force and Former President of INTERPOL
  • Mr. Gestur Palmason Detective Chief Inspector at Icelandic Police - COVID-19 Contact Tracing
  • Mr. Muhammad Faizal Bin Abdul Rahman Research Fellow Centre of Excellence for National Security - S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies