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data-connections Investigative Analytics is A Game Changer

Ensure Your Investigations have Access to the Industry’s Most Powerful End-to-End Solution

Conquer Mountains of Digital Data with an Integrated, All-in-One Tool

The digital age presents investigative teams with a key challenge: how to tackle mountains of data collected from a vast array of digital sources. With Cellebrite Pathfinder on your team, you’ll no longer have to fight against time to solve a crime.

Using the tool’s advanced AI to analyze and visualize data from mobile, cloud, computer, CDR, video sources, and more, you’ll quickly get a holistic view of all the data in your investigation. And since Cellebrite Pathfinder can automatically surface key insights, you’ll be able to drill down to find relevant leads, including visual presentation of multiple identifiers across various data sources to connect the dots between the suspect and victim’s journeys.

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Cellebrite Pathfinder:
Digital Data Analyzed, Faster

Resolve investigations faster. Pathfinder expedites the analysis of digital data, highlighting key pieces of evidence and relevant leads so investigators and prosecutors can understand the bigger picture and share info in a collaborative and defensible way.

  • Visualize

    Complex data is no match for our state-of-the-art solutions
  • Collaborate

    Easily collaborate with investigative teams and external stakeholders
  • Analyze

    Process and analyze data to highlight key evidence
  • Designed to scale:

    Infrastructure designed to scale infinitely, along with extended add-on capabilities
  • Service-oriented:

    Supports different personas, roles, and types of investigations within the agency
  • Customizable:

    Tailor-made services to fit your organization’s needs
Our Customers, Their Stories

Investigative Analytics in Action

Investigators and law enforcement agencies around the globe have used Cellebrite Pathfinder tools and capabilities to uncover leads faster and expedite case resolution. See how we can help you collect, review, analyze and manage the data in your investigations to accelerate justice and help you complete your mission.

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    Jefferson Parrish Sheriff’s Office: A Model for Digitizing the Investigation Lifecycle

    Deputy Chief Tim Scanlan has been a driving force behind his department’s digital transformation that moves easily – from the field to the lab and the courtroom – to solve cases faster.

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  • seattle-pd-Investigative Analytics is A Game Changer
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    Seattle PD ICAC Unit Used Digital Intelligence to Stop Crimes Against Children

    Lt. Corey Davis shares how Cellebrite Pathfinder helped sort through terabytes of images to convict a child offender.

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  • Gulf-Coast-Technology-Center-Investigative Analytics is A Game Changer
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    Gulf Coast Technology Center Uses Digital Intelligence to Keep Officers and Communities Safe

    Find out how Cellebrite Pathfinder helped Commander Kevin Levy uncover a vehicle-theft ring and ultimately solve a double homicide.

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Powerful Analytics at Work

90% of cases involve smartphones as their main source of evidence. Data overload leaves investigators with the impossible task of sifting through mountains of evidence to surface actionable intelligence for their cases.

Download our whitepaper, The Key to Digital Investigations, to learn how Cellebrite Pathfinder can help agencies like yours can get a handle on your ever-increasing piles of data, jumpstart investigations and reduce time to evidence.

Solve Cases Faster

Harness the power of advanced AI and machine learning to produce actionable intelligence to move investigations forward faster.