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Episode 14: I Beg to DFIR – Cloudy skies getting in the way of your investigation?

Ask the Expert - UFED Physical Analyzer
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Aired: April 27, 2021
Duration: 30 minutes

Cloudy skies getting in the way of your investigation? Physical Analyzer Cloud updates are here to turn those April Showers into May Flowers.

Join us for the 14th episode of “Nothing To See Here? I Beg To DFIR.” where we’ll cover Cloud support in Cellebrite Physical Analyzer.

Hosted by Heather Mahalik, Ronen Engler, Paul Lorentz and Matt Goeckel, we’ll discuss how Physical Analyzer has been updated to include even more data support for your examinations, and help you understand how to properly obtain data when the cloud is involved. From Android backup, to WhatsApp chat and QR code support, we’ll demonstrate the new features and updates, offer tips and tricks, and show you just how Cellebrite can ensure the sun always shines on your investigation.

  • Heather Mahalik Senior Director of Digital Intelligence at Cellebrite

    Over 18 years’ experience in digital forensics and has been an expert of choice for law enforcement and intelligence agencies. She has worked high profile cases from child exploitation to Osama Bin Laden’s digital media. Heather likes wine, bourbon, reading, researching, and traveling.

  • Ronen Engler Senior Manager, Technology and Innovation at Cellebrite

    Applying over 20 years of engineering experience, holding Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering from NYU and handling special projects for 10 years now @ Cellebrite – even though Twitter banned him. Hi I’m Ronen!

  • Paul Lorentz Senior Solutions Engineer at Cellebrite

    Close to 15 years in Canadian Law Enforcement before joining Cellebrite. Last assignment was in the Computer Forensic Unit, conducting examinations related to file ranging from child exploitation, organized crime and homicides. Likes Hockey, fishing, and beaver tails. 

  • Matt Goeckel Solutions Engineer at Cellebrite

    Matt joined Cellebrite after spending almost 18 years in law enforcement. He last acted as the forensic examiner at his police department conducting examinations on devices relating to a large variety of criminal cases. Matt doesn’t have spare time, but if he did, he would probably be doing something outdoors.