An Interactive Workshop: Explore Inspector and Expand Your Forensic Tool Knowledge – Wednesday, 26th August - Cellebrite
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Digital Investigation Solutions for Mac & Windows: A Forensic Workshop

Want to boost and simplify your computer forensics investigations?
Join us for this 2-hour workshop and we will help you get there.
Wednesday, August 26 | 1 PM - 3 PM (EDT)

Let us show you why Inspector and Digital Collector should be part of your everyday forensics’ toolbox.

Attendees will be able to use Inspector virtually during this hands-on session and see it in action. Join us to see why Inspector and Digital Collector should be part of your everyday forensic solution. 

Who should attend?

Anyone who does not currently use Inspector and is interested in learning more about Cellebrite Computer Access and Analysis Solutions.

We will confirm your attendance before the workshop or advise on other options if the session is already at capacity. 

Registration for this event is now closed, please visit our Events page for upcoming events.

Covered In This Workshop

  • Inspector

    • Image categorization reduces review time by revealing images and videos that may contain categories of interest. 
    • Inspector now includes Image Analyzer’s latest technology for machine learning based image analysis.
    • Smart Indexing Creating an index of text documents on a device allows an examiner to quickly find if a particular topic is mentioned within the evidence set.  

    To learn more about Inspector's latest features to be covered in the workshop click here

  • Digital Collector

    • Imaging Devices with T2 Chips
    • Imaging APFS Fusion Drives
    • New Digital Collector Software Only License enables you to browse and search through data, preview file contents on macOS systems and other data devices, all before any data is collected or devices are imaged.