A name can mean many things. It can be a word or phrase that provides a unique designation of a person or thing. A name can also be a word or symbol that defines an entity. We know the names that define your roles—First Responder, Forensic Examiner, Investigator, Analyst, Prosecutor, and so on—reflect your mission to create a safer world.

At Cellebrite, we believe names are just as important in defining the roles our products play to support your missions no matter where they are or how great your challenges may be.

We realize our mission goes beyond merely creating tools and solutions. Our mission is to equip and empower you to uphold the highest integrity of your names to reflect the honor and aspirations of your missions.

The world of digital intelligence is changing. Organizations are evolving their digital strategies and transforming the way they conduct investigations in the digital age. To match this digital transformation, we are evolving and rebranding our industry-leading Digital Intelligence solution suite to enable customers to create safer communities. Across the board, we are delivering new product capabilities with enhanced user experience.

The changes are the culmination of over two decades of innovation in accessing, managing, and analyzing data with cutting edge technology.

Evolving & Streamlining the Cellebrite Product Names

Here’s a look at some of the changes and what they mean for you:

Cellebrite Analytics will now be called Cellebrite Pathfinder—the solution for those who search for insights that solve cases or protect assets.

With Cellebrite Pathfinder analysts and investigators can automate the analysis of digital data using AI to identify patterns, reveal connections, and uncover leads with greater speed and accuracy. Pathfinder now includes:

  • Multi-Data Sources: Ingest multiple source files including, mobile devices, computers, cloud, call-detail-records (CDR’s), third party applications, and a variety of file extensions.
  • Unique Investigation Modules: Automatically surface critical insights from large datasets with a single dashboard that provides multiple views, including suggestive search.
  • Flexible Infrastructure: Adhere to regulatory requirements with enhanced user management, permissions, and performance monitoring.

UFED Physical Analyzer is now Cellebrite Physical Analyzer. In Version 7.33, investigators can surface even more relevant data faster with an intuitive user interface and capabilities that enhance accessibility to data from extracted devices.

UFED Cloud Analyzer has become Cellebrite UFED Cloud. This solution continues to empower examiners to gain the ability to access cloud data from over 50 sources. Instantly view digital activity across multiple devices and locations, including device backups. Use watch-lists, text translations, and data enrichment to improve the review process.

With one simplified review process, users of Cellebrite Physical Analyzer can now add Cellebrite UFED Cloud capabilities to their Cellebrite Physical Analyzer product for a seamless review process.

Cellebrite Management System (CMS) has transformed into Cellebrite Commander to monitor the governing of access that ensures proper data procedures are upheld.

UFED Infield is now, Cellebrite Responder for those on the scene needing to identify the guilty and exonerate the innocent.

Cellebrite Frontline has become Cellebrite Frontliner, helping those on the front lines collect data and build community trust.

Cellebrite Case Management & Orchestration is now, Cellebrite Guardian, empowering those who need to protect the chain of custody and evidential integrity.

“Digital Intelligence is an expanding space and this evolution reflects our continued commitment to lead and shape it alongside our customers and partners. What was once ‘Digital Forensics,’ is now ‘Digital Intelligence’ and it encompasses much more than simply accessing data — it’s about managing and analyzing it to quickly pinpoint the critical evidence needed to complete an investigation.” – Yossi Carmil, CEO 

Our DI Platform is designed to futureproof the goals your organization set out to achieve. Our tools and solutions are built to fit your needs and our open architecture easily interfaces with your existing core systems to:

  • Easily ingest new data sources and integrate with other data-collection systems.
  • Provide a dedicated environment for investigators, analysts, prosecutors, lab practitioners, and leadership.

Evolution is essential and, as we have learned from recent events, we need to be better prepared. We look forward to continuing to help you evolve in this ever-changing digital world with a sound digital intelligence strategy.

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