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Finding Insider Threats:
Digging Deeper

Ask the Expert - UFED Physical Analyzer
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With Windows Operating Systems and Feature Updates coming out multiple times per year, each potentially providing new forensics artifacts as well as updates to old ones, keeping up can be a pain point for investigators. Modern forensics tools help by parsing evidence into easily digestible pieces.

This, however, can have the unfortunate effect of lulling investigators into thinking that only a surface knowledge of each artifact is good enough. Certainly one investigator can’t know everything, but sometimes a deeper knowledge of the more useful areas of digital evidence is necessary to validate critical findings. Luckily, Inspector supports the investigator’s need to dig deeper.

Watch our on-demand webinar as BlackBag’s Senior Digital Forensics Researcher, Dr. Vico Marziale, and Training Director, Matt McFadden, take you on a wild ride tracking an insider threat across the windows forensic landscape.

Specifically, this webinar will dive into:

  • How filesystem-specific attributes can come into play
  • Multiple ways to track and verify file accesses and program executions
  • New ways to track removable devices, and more accurately verify the specific piece of hardware used
  • Leverage memory forensics to find trickier bits of evidence
Cellebrite is proud to welcome BlackBag Technologies to our family – bringing industry-leading computer access and analysis tools to our Digital Intelligence Solution suite.