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Fundamentals Matter: Cellebrite Review Fundamentals – Tips from the Pros

Ask the Expert - UFED Physical Analyzer
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  • Ever wished you could quickly upskill yourself or your investigative team to use Cellebrite Reader better?
  • Ever worked an examination only to navigate the team through the report findings?
  • Ever felt that key evidence might be missed when passing reports between team members?

This is a webinar that you and your team can really benefit from!

Please join our on-demand webinar with Heather Mahalik and Ryan Parthemore to educate yourself on how to perform evidence review more effectively.

During the session, we’ll review some tips we’ve collected from investigators & examiners on effectively using Reader.

We are also excited to share a peek into the next generation of digital evidence review. A hands-on demo of what collaborative and real-time data review and management can look like leveraging our cloud-based Cellebrite Guardian. Are you ready to quickly share and review a UFDR from your web browser?

Webinar viewers will receive a handy tips sheet covering Reader and review functionalities within Guardian.

Feel free to circulate this on-demand webinar within your department and make sure no evidence gets left behind.


  • Heather Mahalik Senior Director of Digital Intelligence, Cellebrite
  • Ryan Parthemore Product Evangelist, R&D Management, Cellebrite