Technology moves fast, and Cellebrite’s commitment to world-class research ensures we keep pace with complex, new device locking and encryption methods. Cellebrite Advanced Unlocking Services and Advanced Extraction Services provide law enforcement agencies with sensitive, cutting-edge abilities directly from the Cellebrite Security Research Labs.

These customized services are delivered by digital forensic technology experts through a network of secure Cellebrite Forensic Labs (CBFLs) located around the world. Providing these advanced unlock and extraction capabilities means Cellebrite continually invests in improving the features, services, and capabilities of the labs. In just the past year, Cellebrite has:

  • Created a customer-facing portal that allows you to submit devices and monitor their progress in real-time
  • Implemented internal efficiencies that significantly reduced backlog times
  • Introduced immediate support to the latest iOS versions

Once pre-qualified, the locked and/or encrypted device is sent by trusted courier or hand carried to one of our secure global Cellebrite Forensic Labs where trained specialists perform the unlocking and/or extraction service using carefully controlled techniques that ensure the forensic integrity of the data. Devices are processed and returned in an expedited fashion, depending on encryption complexity.

Once the device is unlocked and/or extracted, it is returned to the originating agency. Any extracted data is also sent to the agency in encrypted form to ensure privacy and protect operational information.

There are two methods for beginning the process of getting your device unlocked. If you do not already own a previously purchased unlock voucher, a forensic specialist triggers the process by filling out an inquiry request. Customers who already own an unlock voucher simply log into Cellebrite’s Customer Portal to begin the process.

 After that, the process is the same. The customer portal allows you to follow the progress of unlocking the device, as well as being able to directly communicate with the Cellebrite Advanced Services (CAS) team. Upon completion, the device and the extracted information is returned in a secure format.

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