For the first time, Cellebrite’s annual flagship event, Connect Global Summit 2020, was conducted virtually across eight regions and time zones. This year’s summit featured 20 incredible speakers from the law enforcement and private sector industries. Highlights included 10 impact-focused sessions, five customer panel discussions, and a record-breaking crowd of nearly 4,000 people.

During the event, industry experts and analysts took participants on a deep dive into trends and challenges that must be addressed when creating a digital transformation vision for their organization. Industry panelists shared real-world stories from the field, and Cellebrite experts gave a sneak peek into the future of Digital Intelligence (DI) solutions currently being developed for 2021.

Cellebrite Connect Global Summit 2020 was virtual for the first time (Pic: Cellebrite)

Distinguished panel members and guest speakers included:

  • Alison Brooks, Ph.D. – Research Vice President, Smart Cities, and Communities – Public Safety, IDC
  • Ryan O’Leary – Senior Research Analyst, Legal, Risk, & Compliance, IDC
  • Eyvind Grytting – Police Superintendent, Head of Digital forensics department, Innlandet Police District, Norway
  • Gadi Perl, Senior Team Leader and Chief Forensic IT officer in the Israeli Competition Authority – Investigations and Intelligence Unit, Israel
  • Donatas Mazeika – Head of Team at EC3 Forensic Lab at Europol
  • Eirikur Asgeirsson – Detective Inspector of the Sudurnes Police District, Iceland
  • Robert Ciecierski – Digital Forensic Specialist, Swedish Police Authority’s Regional Cyber Crime Center RC3 in Region South
  • Geoffrey Okolorie – Digital Forensic Specialist, Forensic Department of Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Nigeria
  • Mr. Lim Tuan Liang, Director – HTX, Digital & Information Forensics, Centre of Expertise, Singapore
  • Mr. Soh Choon Hock Richard – Senior Vice President, UOB, Integrated Fraud Management
  • Muhammad Faizal Bin Abdul Rahman – Research Fellow, Centre of Excellence for National Security, NTU Singapore
  • Mr. Santosh Khadsare – Cyber Forensics Investigator, India
  • Mr. Dave Miles – Officer in Charge, Townsville Child Protection Unit, Australia
  • Jim McDonnel – Retired Sheriff, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, USA
  • Bond Wells – Retired DEA, Intelligence Division, Madison, Alabama, USA
  • Ben Bawden – Partner at Government Relations and Strategic Consulting Firm, Brooks, Bawden, and Moore, USA
  • Bryant Isbell – Managing Director of Global eDiscovery & Data Advisory Group, Baker McKenzie, USA
  • Henry Oleyniczak – Chief Research officer, regional Information Sharing Systems (RISS), USA
  • Don Robinson – Retired SAC, Philadelphia ATF, USA
  • Xavier Ruffiandis – National Forensic Expert 
  • Jerry Bui – Executive Director of Digital Forensics, Lighthouse Advisory Group, USA
  • Kevin Pagano – Cyber Security Analyst, Siemens Healthineers, USA
  • Felix Lum – Cyber Security, Information & Technology Risk (CSITR)
  • David-Christian Holin – Incident Response and Forensic, T-Systems

Topics revolved around understanding the tools and technology that are now available to help agencies overcome access and analyzing challenges, and improve workflow efficiencies. Throughout the sessions, agencies were encouraged to build a DI strategy that leverages their technological and organizational capabilities to make digital data more accessible, manageable, and actionable​. ​

Digital transformation at the intersection of people, process, and technology

Mark Gambill, CMO at Cellebrite, outlined key points that are driving today’s DI transformation. Many attendees acknowledged how the role of agencies has never been so difficult yet important. Mark discussed how their roles are evolving more rapidly alongside technology in order to stay relevant in the current landscape of criminal activities and modern investigations.

As workflows become increasingly dynamic, it has become evident that a team effort is required to strike the right balance between human instinct and DI technology. This is exactly where collaboration with Cellebrite comes into play as agencies can now collect evidence with confidence, investigate cases with integrity, and increase community trust.

Envisioning a New Framework for Investigations

Mark sat down with Alison Brooks to discuss the critical juncture at which the global law enforcement community is today. During their conversation, they addressed recent trends and challenges, and the opportunities they present to agencies wishing to establish a new digital policing framework based on DI. Alison’s recent whitepaper titled Policing 2025: Envisioning a New Framework for Investigations, examines how DI platforms can provide the strategic vectors through which agencies can deliver on a re-envisioned policing framework for 2025 and beyond.

Mark Gambill and Allison Brookes (Pic: Cellebrite)
Mark Gambill and Allison Brookes (Pic: Cellebrite)

Idit Aloni, VP of Product Marketing at Cellebrite, and Nora Stark, Senior Product Marketing Manager, introduced attendees to the concept of becoming DI ready and explained four key areas that must be addressed to accelerate an organizations’ DI readiness. must take to build a strong foundation and tap into their unique potential to boost efficiency and solve cases faster.

The duo also explored the DI Readiness Matrix, which provides a snapshot of how organizations are currently leveraging their technology stack according to their organization’s capabilities.

To see how you can set your agency up for long-term success in the ever-evolving landscape of today’s digital investigations, try Cellebrite’s exclusive DI Readiness Navigator.


Setting The Path Forward

Leeor Ben-Peretz, the Chief Strategy Officer at Cellebrite, discussed how investigations are stuck in the 20th Century yet they must deal with mountains of data, enhanced security and encryption, a “disconnect” between investigative departments, and even more challenges. Leeor presented an ideal DI environment where all necessary data is captured, processed in an effective manner, and collaboration toward meeting organizational goals and KPIs is achieved.

Shahar Tal, VP of Cellebrite Security Research Labs, explored forensic data access “behind the scenes” and how digital forensics (including mobile device forensics) has evolved significantly in the last decade. Shahar also gave a sneak peek into what Cellebrite customers can look forward to in 2021 in terms of support for the evolving iOS and Android landscape.

Muna Assi, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Cellebrite, explored how agencies can improve the investigation workflow with Cellebrite’s Digital Data Access Solutions. As digital data plays a pivotal role in todays’ investigations, it is more critical than ever to be able to access the right data at the right time.

Yohai West, Senior Product Marketing Manager, and Jack Ziv, VP Product Business Management at Cellebrite, talked about clearing the path to faster case resolution by effectively analyzing and managing the entire DI investigation workflow and process. They also highlighted Cellebrite Pathfinder and how this new solution is helping investigation teams identify patterns, pinpoint connections, and surface leads quickly.  

After two days of transformative presentations, attendees came away with an understanding of what Cellebrite can do for them today to prepare their agency for tomorrow.

We’d like to thank all of our guests and attendees for making Cellebrite’s Connect 2020 Global Virtual Summit such a huge success.


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