With Cellebrite UFED Version 7.15, Cellebrite is first to provide a generic solution to access Samsung devices that utilize the Exynos processor chip. The decryption bootloader capability enables unlocking, as well as full file system and physical extractions from popular Samsung devices.

Samsung’s Exynos mobile processor chip is offered on multiple phone models from the low-cost J-series up to their Galaxy S phones (offered around the globe outside of the US). The Exynos 9820 chip features a neural processing unit (NPU) for machine learning activity to enhance the Artificial Intelligence locally available on Samsung phones.

This significant enhancement means that relevant Samsung phone users will be encouraged to increase personal transparency of their everyday activities which could greatly assist digital investigations when necessary.

With the goal of increasing power and battery life, the Exynos chip released on Galaxy S10 phones (non-US markets) offers similar performance to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855 chip. The 4K to 8K video recording capabilities will see users recording footage that could provide law enforcement with extremely high-resolution eye-witness accounts of crimes.

The recent launch of the Exynos iT100 model offers an Internet-of-Things solution designed for short-range communication protocols such as automation and control of environments within the home and office. Digital investigators will be able to increase the variety and amount of evidence when environments surrounding a crime record data from sources such as home security, smart lighting, and smart wearables.

The Exynos chip has also been designed to withstand extreme temperatures as low as -40°C and up to 125°C. This will mean a higher probability of retrieving data from phones intentionally or unintentionally exposed to damaging temperatures.

Samsung also designed the Exynos chip as an optimum network communication solutions for the 5G era when data speeds increase 10X over the previous 4G network. The next wave of Exynos innovation will see enhanced RF transceivers, phased array solutions for mmWave, and 5G-embedded mobile processors.

“Our multi-mode solutions, the Exynos Modem 5100, Exynos RF 5500 and Exynos SM 5800 will together enable powerful yet energy-efficient 5G performance along with network versatility that allows users to stay connected wherever they are.” – Inyup Kang, president of System LSI Business at Samsung Electronics. – source

Industry-First Physical Bypass Solution for Samsung Exynos Chipsets

With the release of Cellebrite UFED Version 7.15, digital investigators can now extract new or previously untapped digital evidence from Exynos-powered devices, as well as prepare for future evidence produced by the next generation of Samsung devices.

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