As the number of digital devices worldwide has grown and the ability of devices to hold larger amounts of data has continued to expand, the pool of data that investigators must parse in typical investigations has exploded. Add to this the ever-growing number of data sources— mobile, cloud, computer, CDR, and video—and agencies are finding themselves drowning in data. Fortunately, modern data analysis solutions like Cellebrite Pathfinder are automating the data analysis process while providing visual narratives that help investigators solve cases faster.

Cellebrite Pathfinder provides a comprehensive, scalable solution to automatically surface formative leads, reveal connections, and identify patterns that might easily be missed by the human eye in the critical hours of an investigation—a capability that investigators, analysts, and prosecutors alike are finding invaluable.

Cellebrite Pathfinder is a modern data analysis solution that automates the data analysis process while providing visual narratives that help investigators solve cases faster (Credit: Cellebrite)

Analytics—Helping Agencies of all Types

Interestingly, analytics is becoming a critical crime-solving tool across a number of different investigation types, agencies, and private enterprise. Here’s how Cellebrite Pathfinder is helping accelerate justice to close more cases faster.

Law Enforcement

Analytics is proving crucial in every investigation law enforcement is dealing with. In homicides, for instance, Cellebrite Pathfinder’s ability to connect the dots between text messages, call information, geolocation, and other data is invaluable in placing suspects at the crime scene at the time that homicides occur.

When terrorism threats occur, the ability to connect all forms of communication between terrorist suspects can provide actionable intelligence quickly to head off potential terrorist acts.

The Federal Police of Brazil is using analytics to go beyond merely seizing drug shipments but actually capturing the assets of those at the top of the supply chain to put them out of business.

Leicestershire Police have been able to use analytics to shorten the time for assessing digital data from two months down to just a few days—a service that proved critical in finding the murderer who killed 15-year-old Kayleigh Haywood in a case that made national headlines. 


Corrections officials face crimes being committed by those both within their walls and outside. Having the ability to lawfully gather information from confiscated mobile devices can provide valuable insights into drug-trafficking operations and other illegal activities happening within corrections facilities.

This information is also proving invaluable in showing the connection between those inside prisons who may be conducting illegal activities outside correction facilities—threatening witnesses or their families or carrying on prostitution, drug smuggling, and other crimes outside.

Wildlife/Human Trafficking

Those contending with wildlife and human trafficking are using Cellebrite Pathfinder to track criminals carrying out these activities on the ground and tracing them up the supply chain to kingpins at the top.

International anti-trafficking group Freeland cites a number of instances where using analytics technology to trace bank accounts and eventually seize assets of those involved in trafficking will be critical to disrupting both human and wildlife trafficking in the future.

Border Security

Having the ability to quickly assess if a person at a border check is really who they say they are, where a person has been, and who they may be been in communication with are among border securities’ greatest challenges.

Cellebrite Pathfinder is meeting those challenges by allowing border security personnel to quickly assess those connections in instances where officials deem it necessary to gain more insight into individuals moving across borders that may be suspicious as well as verifying those who are legitimate travelers to keep border operations running smoothly.

Argentina’s Border Guard is using Cellebrite Pathfinder “to create a unified forensics environment across the lab network. As investigators extract evidence from devices, forensics experts apply a layer of digital analytics, allowing them to identify relevant evidence from a large volume of data.”


The transformation in business from an office to a remote-work environment has seen a distinct rise in business-related crimes. Analytics is proving to be an invaluable tool in the Business Enterprise toolbox for investigations involving fraud, employee misconduct, and IP theft as well as a means to shore up security against data breaches and cyberattacks.

Putting it all Together

Seattle PD’s ICAC Unit is one of the best examples of an organization that is using modern analytics solutions powered by AI to automatically sort through mountains of data to surface key insights quickly—reducing workloads and providing agency managers with a full picture of investigations.

Cellebrite Pathfinder quickly assembles all of the connections between the suspect and those they have been in contact with to begin building valuable timelines in cases. (Credit: Cellebrite)

When authorized, analytics solutions are also providing the means for teams to share information across departments, agencies, and internationally, which is a huge help to units like Seattle PD who also collaborate with foreign agencies on some cases.

Gulf Coast Technology Center (GCTC), a unique organization that includes partners from 27 different federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies and some military entities, is another group that relies heavily on Cellebrite Pathfinder to compare information from multiple cases.

As Kevin Levy, who is now Commander of the Mobile Police Department’s Cyber Division who runs GCTC said in a recent interview, the GCTC team co-joins everything in Cellebrite Pathfinder. “We don’t separate by agencies,” Commander Levy said, “so everything’s getting dumped into one master case…so we’re building contact repositories [and] cross-referencing everything.”

With Cellebrite Pathfinder analysts can merge information from disparate mobile, cloud, computer, CCTV, and CDR data sources to provide teams with a full picture of data insights in a single view. And since Cellebrite Pathfinder also provides a way to audit investigations, the digital chain of evidence is always preserved, allowing agencies to accelerate justice, save lives, and protect privacy.

About the Author: Ronnen Armon oversees Cellebrite’s Solutions, Products, and Technology sectors, including R&D, Product Business Management, and CTO domains. He brings a tremendous background and significant experience to this role having previously led R&D for Mercury for nearly four years. Mr. Armon was also the VP and GM for Hewlett Packard’s BTO team (Business Technology Optimization), overseeing operations and R&D. He also co-founded Capriza, a no-code mobility platform that simplified collaboration as well as integration with legacy applications and platforms. With Capriza, Ronnen initially led R&D until he ultimately became their CEO.

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